why it is so hard to beat premature ejaculation


When we have the pleasure of finding ourselves in bed with a new girlfriend the last thing we want to happen is that we blow it. we want to perform and make sure that our lady also has a pleasurable experience. So when we can’t deliver it is extra frustrating. Not only because we feel less like men, but also because we don’t fully understand why.

Luckily i have found out something very interesting, which fully explains why. Not only can you explain it to your girlfriend but it will take away a lot of the frustration and feeling of failure. Explain it to your girlfriend while you and your girlfriend are kissing and preparing for your next “round”.

In this book he discusses different scenes and premature ejaculation is one the topics he covers. In a nutshell we can state that when we encounter a new woman and we go to bed with her for the first time, our unconscious mind thinks that it is very well possible that she might change her mind about sex. So for our bodies reproductive succes we must inseminate her as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately our unconscious mind doesn’t know about condoms and enjoying sex together. It only thinks about making babies. That is how our species has become so succesfull.It is a purely darwinian strategy. It will control our emotions,behaviour and even our thoughts.

Luckily our body has also other tactics. After the first round of sex it is in our bodies interest that it prevents other males from having sex with our woman as long as possible. It is a bit freaky to think that way, but that is how our oldest part of the brain thinks on a unconscious level.Therefore our next round of sex will last as long as we possibly can.

So don’t worry if in the first encounter we have problems of controlling ourselves. The only thing you have to do right after you come the first time is continuing kissing,caressing and stimulating your partner. soon you’ll be ready for the next round. This is only the first step in having the sexperience you dream of.

More techniques and tips about premature ejaculation because there is a lot more things you can do to become more and more in control of your ejaculation


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