What sex is like in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond


The word ‘sex’ sends in a rush of excitement and enthusiasm among everyone (well almost!). While even though it isn’t discussed openly, we are all eager to know more and have more of it. Come on, let’s be real, even if you are not in the mood today, doesn’t mean you don’t like sex. It is a basic need of all humans and other species too. But there are a lot of misconception about sex and age. Most believe that sexual desire declines as one ages; but for some, age just makes you a pro in your performance. Well, how good you are at your act depends on a lot of factors, like your physical and emotional well being, health issues, interests and, of course, your partner’s enthusiasm. But here is a general outline on how sex matures as you do.

Teens to 20s:

People start experimenting with sex early these days, as soon as one hits the teens, or even earlier. In fact, according to an Indian survey, girls as young as 16 and boys as young as 14, have sex.

For teens, sex is more like

An exciting experiment, more fiery in nature, what with all those raging hormones and lack of awareness or knowledge on safe sex practices. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to have sex for the first timers.

A journey to learn more about preferences and one’s interests. Not everyone might be straight, and early experimentation could reveal a different side of one’s personality. This is where help, knowledge and acceptance matter the most.

A process to learn about your own sexual identity and orientation. Read to know if you could be bisexual.

A call to reality, as most teens experimenting with sex realise that real-life instances are not similar to Mills & Boons romance or Hollywood movies.

Learning the rules. Most teenagers are also not aware what an orgasm is or when one reaches climax. Many who get into the act might not even know how to do it right. But physical intimacy is all that matters to them to get things spiced up in the name of ‘sex’.

In your 20s

You know by now what sex is and probably, how to do it right. If not, you might still behave like a teenager during your initial encounters — nervous, excited and amateurish. But you will soon get over it.

For people in 20s, sex is more like

The most wonderful thing on earth: Doing it daily, twice a day or even thrice doesn’t tire you out. It keeps you going – stress-free, bonded with each other and leaves you yearning for more. Here is a step-by-step guide to help your girl get in mood tonight.

Trying for the best climax: You try all the methods you read and hear about — how to last longer, prolong orgasm, achieve multiple orgasms and how to climax together. And each time is a new learning experience. Here are few tips to make you last longer.

Never missing out on foreplay: You know a good sex doesn’t last till you get it right during foreplay. Here are five foreplay moves to make your man crazy.

Setting the right mood: You know it’s not about the main act, the right environment and the right touch matter too.

Experimenting with kink: Why not, intimacy and sex have no rules! The more it gets naughty, the better.

Knowing what suits you. The Kamasutra positions are not for real; still you have your own picks and love to perform them when your partner is on the same page too. Missionary position is so boring for you.

Trying to talk dirty with caution: You really don’t know if your partner will approve of it. But you try doing it subtly to spice things up.

In your 30s

It might not be as exciting as your 20s, but the fire is still on. Probably by this time you have had a lot of the act and still want more.

For people in 30s sex is more like

A comfortable job: You know your own rules; you abide by them, enjoy it and then might want to sleep for the rest of the night after the act.

An emotional need than a physical urge: Now that you and your partner are comfortable with each other’s body, intimacy is more important than unleashing the adrenaline rush. Nevertheless if both of you are comfortable, it’s still a wonderful thing to live by.

A planned activity or a short one: Work, stress, postpartum issues, lifestyle disorders, medications can take the fun out of your sex life. But if you still have the desire, even a short quickie or a 10 minutes act before sleep is wonderful for you. Here are 11 things that kill your sex drive slowly.

Less experimentation more reality: Trying new positions is a task, and you know by know that too much experimentation can kill the actual fun. Probably it happens ones a month or even less. Other times your tried and tested methods gives you the most satisfaction.

However, the fire is still on don’t let it fizzle out, dude!

In your 40s

If you feel bad that 20s was better than your 40s in terms of sex, welcome to reality. Sure it was. You might have the same enthusiasm but to promise you would have the same energy and fervour is a bit too much.

For people in 40s sex is more like:

We just did it yesterday: Yes, from three times a day (like in your 20s) it can come down to three times a month. Hypertension, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, diabetes, arthritis, and if any of these conditions spare you, stress will sure make your sex life dwindle.

Not tonight honey. Let us not even talk about it.

If you even do it, you might resort to the traditional missionary position and finish it even before you know it. Don’t worry, even your partner is sailing in the same boat. As long as you still enjoy each other’s company and togetherness, there is no need to worry.

In your 50s

Probably talking about sex is also something that doesn’t happen much. But age and maturity might have now taught you the importance of being together than being in action.

Sex is more like:

An achievement. If you can do it and more so if you get a satisfying orgasm.

All talk no play. With medical conditions catching up with you, you might be left yearning for it more than getting some real action. And even if you get in bed, don’t expect yourself to be the teenager again.

Swearing the hormones. Low testosterone in men and estrogen in women is the culprit, the same hormones that made you crazy in your teens. Well, relax go with the flow. Have sex when you both are ready for it.

In your 60s and beyond

Really, nothing can stop you if you want to have sex and your partner complies with your desires. However, go slow. Listening to your body and taking cues is the best thing you can do. If tonight is not happening, don’t force yourself or your partner. Try foreplay with lots of cuddles and kisses to enjoy physical intimacy. By now you might know already that nothing can beat the warmth of soulful love and togetherness.


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