What Is the Cause of Sexual Weakness in Men


Every male can get irritated by sexual weakness because sexual proficiency defines masculinity. In addition, sexual dysfunction can hit a man either at the very commencement of informal relationship or, after he may have enjoyed a healthy and successful close relationship. Moreover, such problem may take place rapidly, or build up slowly overtime. However, sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male is not capable to achieve suitable erection wanted for successful lovemaking. And in this sexual dysfunction, the erection of male organ is inadequate for sexual penetration. On the other hand, there are many factors that can give rise to such a problem but, only leading cause of sexual weakness in men are mentioned ahead.

1. The main cause of sexual weakness in men is bad habits, for instance alcohol abuse and smoking. Especially, alcohol is notorious for affecting the efficiency of nervous system, because of which availing stronger erection is almost not possible. In addition, smoking can stiffen the arteries and stop proper blood flow in the reproductive system and, enough blood flow is necessary for fuller erections.

2. Males suffering from definite diseases can face difficulty in achieving erection. Particularly, very old diabetes can harm the nerves and stop a male from attaining erection. Besides, hypertension can also cause sexual weakness in men by disturbing the correct blood flow in the reproductive organs. And, such diseases can affect the overall efficiency of the body which is a major reason of sexual weakness in men.

3. Damage to nerves in pelvis region can decrease the male’s efficiency to achieve erections. Furthermore, such condition may take place because of accidents, diseases, or surgical procedures in pelvic region.

4. Malnutrition is another leading reason of sexual weakness in men. Moreover, shortage of vitamins and minerals is dangerous for male’s overall health. Furthermore, with no essential nutrients the reproductive organs cannot work according to their efficiency affecting the ability to achieve harder erection.

5. Psychological issues are harmful to sexual health. For example, depression, anxiety, or stress can be the cause of sexual weakness in men. Besides, such psychological weaknesses imbalances the hormone level and stop correct blood stream to reproductive organs.

6. A lot of prescription medications can be the reason of sexual weakness in men, for instance tranquilizers, antihistamines, antihypertensive, and antidepressants. Furthermore, such medicines can obstruct with the correct working of brain and body.

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