What is the Average Penis Size and Is it Possible to Naturally Increase the Size of Your Penis?


Let’s face facts, having a small penis is an issue that can effect both men and women.
Or perhaps the humiliation of being naked in front of a woman.

So it appears a man penis size is a subject that is often thought about and discussed by millions of the people the world over.
There have been numerous scientific studies and i appreciate men of different races, backgrounds and ages will differ in penis length and girth.
9 inches in length and approximately 5 inches in girth.

Having an erect penis that is 6 and a half inches in length may be above the norm, but it will not stop you feeling inadequate.
and just like most guys, we all aspire to increase the size of our penis.
One of the oldest forms and most used ways to naturally increase penis size is exercise.
This exercise is known to increase the girth of both your flaccid and erect penis.
Stop just below the head – Repeat with the other hand and take 3-5 seconds for each stroke – Complete 20-30 dry jelqs to make a set and aim for 3 sets each exercise session.
The object of this exercise is to force more blood through your penis and into the head.

The dry jelq is merely one exercise that can increase penis size naturally.
Within just a few weeks of using penis enlargement exercises, you should notice your manhood looks and feels healthier and stronger.

Learn the secret art of natural penis enlargement – special techniques that add inches to any man’s penis?


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