What is sexual fitness for man and female? Some ways to improve them –


What is sexual fitness for man and female? Some ways to improve them –

It is true that our society has started talking openly about sex and sex related topics, but there is no doubt that even today people have misconceptions about sex. Because it may have been come some openness about sex, but maturity has not come yet. In such a situation, the question often comes in the mind of people that are we sexually fit?

A normal person needs sex and wants sex.
This desire and need for sex can be different in different people. Some may have less, some may have more.
Similarly, attraction is also natural.
Fantasies- for example, if we are attracted to a particular person, it is natural and normal to think about him and have sex with him in fantasy.
Masturbating when there is a desire for sex is also considered healthy.
If you have all the above mentioned symptoms then you are sexually fit and if your sex drive is low then your sexual fitness is low.
How good is your sex life if you are married?
Doesn’t sex give you and your partner the same satisfaction as before?
Are you getting bored of sex?
Has it just become a physical activity for you or do you still find it an emotionally pleasurable act?
Ask all these questions to yourself and your partner, and then you will know yourself how fit you are sexually.

Even in a busy life, if sex has become out of your priorities, then beware. Many times it has also been proved in research that married people live a healthier and longer life than single people. In such a situation, the importance of sex and sexual fitness cannot be ignored. You can see sexual fitness by dividing it.

Emotional aspect:

If you have emotional attachment with your partner then obviously sex life will be better, but if both of you have got used to living a mechanical life then the desire for sex will also decrease, your sexual fitness will decrease. ,

Special Tip:

In such a situation, it is important to spend time with the partner. Talk with love, and cooperate with each other, which will directly affect your sex life.

Mental state:

Mental stress, workload and domestic responsibilities also make you indifferent to sex. It is better that you do not take the stress of your work in the bedroom. Together you can find a solution to every problem, so don’t let these everyday things affect your relationship and sex life.

Special Tip:

90% of men’s sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation, are more related to a mental condition than a physical problem. Similarly, vaginal dryness, painful sex in women, etc. can also be due to apathy towards sex.

Physical Aspects:

Sexual fitness is also largely related to your physical fitness. If you have any sexual or physical problem then do not hesitate to seek help from a counselor or specialist.

Special Tip:

Make yoga and exercise a part of your lifestyle too or Join a jogging or yoga class together, this will increase the closeness between the two of you, which will have a positive effect on your sexual fitness.

Avoid negative thinking

Don’t let delusions and misunderstandings stifle your sexual fitness – most people think it’s wrong to fantasize, masturbate, or feel attracted to someone. Whereas all these things are an important part of your sexual fitness and reflect your fitness.

Social and family aspects

As far as women are concerned, they are not as enthusiastic about sex since childhood due to different upbringing or other reasons. They feel that it is wrong to talk about sex or not to initiate sex even if there is a desire, because women should be ashamed and this shame will properly explain their culture and character. All such things make women sexually unfit and they are not able to support their partner properly. Apart from this, she is also very conscious about her body, she feels that her figure or her physical beauty is not enough to attract her partner.

Special Tip:

Don’t have such negative thinking. Focus on physical fitness, but stay positive mentally as well. Your support and your love are more important than your physical beauty to maintain a healthy relationship and sex life.

What to do?

Be sure to foreplay. A focus on foreplay is very important for enjoying sex.
Similarly, romance is a must for good sex, so make sure to steal the romantic moments from the busy routine.
Food and drink should be healthy. Physical fitness will also keep you sexually fit.
Make sex booster food a part of your diet, such as green leafy vegetables, flaxseed, soybeans, sunflower seeds, seafood, nuts, fresh fruits, especially fruits containing vitamin C, etc. Also do exercise.
Reduce the consumption of junk food, alcohol.
Stay away from stress.
If there is any problem, consult a counselor and expert.

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