What is Erectile Dysfunction


Male erection or penile erection which is the combination of reflex action and emotional stimulation guides the essence of masculine sexual behavior. Erectile dysfunction refers to the condition of physiological disorder whereby there is incapability of developing and holding on to an erection.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Problem or disorders in the circulatory or cardiovascular system may cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Maladies such as ‘diabetes’ and ‘multiple sclerosis’ may give way to erectile dysfunction.
  • Insufficient secretion of hormone and circulatory malfunction bringing about changes in the potassium level are significantly responsible for causing impotency.
  • Excess dependence on drugs seeking to lessen depression may also give way to erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgical interference or radiation therapy can also turn out to be counterproductive from the point of view of erection by damaging the nerves and blood vessels associated with erection.
  • Neurogenical disorders affecting brain, spinal cord or any aspect of the nervous system may also give way to erectile dysfunction. Failure of kidney can also be responsible.
  • Besides the above mentioned clinical causes consumption of nicotine and tobacco is one of the most important factors contributing to erectile dysfunction.
  • Psychological fears and anxiety can also bring about erectile dysfunction.
  • Gradual increase of age is also responsible for causing erectile dysfunction. After the age of sixty there is a gradual decrease in sexual potency.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

  • The most apparent symptoms of erectile dysfunction include inability to achieve full erection.
  • The concerned inability may be occurring on a regular or an irregular basis.
  • In some cases of dysfunction being triggered by stress, the occurrence may be occasional with stress free moments such as sleep being marked by the changed ability of achieving erection.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Depending on the frequency of performance and the underlying issue, the said dysfunction may be broadly categorized into psychological and physiological kinds.
  • As a disease typically affecting males, erection dysfunction may be hormonal in nature.
  • It may also take place on account of some other physiological disorders such as diabetes and failure of kidney.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnoses

  • In spite, there being no formal tests; by means of blood tests hormonal factors contributing to the said dysfunction is ascertained.
  • Depending on the frequency of erection and by ascertaining the fact if the patient has ever attained erection; physicians are able to distinguish between physiological causes and psychological causes contributing to the dysfunction.
  • In cases of physiological causes leading to dysfunction; ultrasound is performed to assess the flow of blood to the penis as the flow of blood is vital to the prospect of erection.
  • Tests are also carried out to assess the neurological sensitivity of the penis. Electromagnetic methods are resorted to in order to the nervous sensitivity.
  • Magnetic resonance may be resorted to in order to secure a detailed picture of the blood vessels related to the penis.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • As a disease spelling long term repercussion on sexual relationship and marital compatibility; erectile dysfunction needs urgent expert advice and medical counseling.
  • Treatment usually caters to the underlying cause bringing about dysfunction.
  • After the determination of the underlying cause the treatment proceeds accordingly.
  • Medications seeking to rectify erectile dysfunction consist of five different types of inhibitors based on ‘phosphodiesterases’
  • As part of treatment based on the mentioned formula; there is a topical ointment as well. Initially topical use of the same is prescribed.
  • Gene therapy based on the injection of a specialized gene so as to activate the potassium channel has also recently come into vogue.
  • As part of hormonal therapy triggered by hormone centric misbalance; injection consisting of prostaglandin or phentolamine may prove to be effective.
  • Psychological stress and strain contributing to erectile dysfunction may be set to right by means of counseling and guidance.
  • Surgical procedure involving the introduction of artificial device in form of rod is also resorted to so that the defect may be overcome.
  • In extreme cases where medication fails to produce the desired results; treatment based on the use of hydraulic or vacuum pressure is made use of. With the help of a pump like device negative pressure is applied so that the desired flow of blood into penis is able to achieve erection. The use of pump like mechanism may prove to be useful prior to an act of intercourse.

Self Care for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • As far as self care is concerned it is important to bear in mind that stress oriented sedentary life style serves to facilitate erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise particularly free hand exercise, brisk walking and jogging serve to overcome the conditions of erectile dysfunction.
  • Aerobic exercises involving the thorough and long drawn circulation of oxygen help significantly to overcome the conditions of erectile dysfunction.
  • In cases where the reason is purely psychological yogic meditation dwelling upon the drill of some basic posture also prove to be effective apart from counseling sessions.

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