What Causes Sexual Problems in Men?


Sexual problems are something which prevents a person from having any sexual satisfaction. Earlier it was believed that sexual problems arise when men age, but now medical science has proved that sexual problems can happen in all ages and can be properly cured.

Sexual problems are very common in men and mostly it involves issues related to erectile dysfunction (Impotence), lack of interest in sex, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. All these problems are curable, but if ignored, can cause impotency. There are numerous causes for sexual problems in men. Some are discussed below:

Psychological causes of sexual problems

Various psychological problems such as stress and depression can affect the sexual performance of a man. Any kind of stress in work or relationship can hamper the sexual desire of a man. When a man is depressed he loses his interest in sex and his performance decreases. Sometimes due to erectile failure, men are too depressed to try it the next time. Sometimes a man gets so preoccupied with his work and tensions that he completely loses interest in sex. This causes sexual problems such as low libido in them.

Physical causes of sexual problems

If a man has undergone any kind of accident that has damaged his penis, he can suffer from sexual problems. Sometimes sex organs in males remain underdeveloped from birth, thereby causing sex related problems.

Medical causes of sexual problems

Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels also cause sexual problems in men. Men having heart diseases are not able to perform sex as a lot of pressure is applied on the heart during sex, and they can’t take that much of pressure. This decreases their performance of sex. Sometimes a decreased level of male hormone, testosterone is also responsible for developing sexual problems in men.

Habits leading to sexual problems

Men who have a habit of drinking alcohol and smoking are prone to develop sexual disorders. Nicotine present in cigarettes disrupts the blood flow in the penis causing late arousal. Excessive use of alcohol can lead to impotency as well.

Sexual problems in men are considered as a stigma in society, but with the development of modern science these problems are treatable now-a-days.


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