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Although having sex during menstruation is a personal choice, abstaining from sex for those three or five days just because of periods might not be a good idea. Well, it is because, for some women, during menstruation the sexual arousal is heightened and hence, having sex during this time can be more pleasurable than other days of the month. It also helps you to deal with vaginal dryness, which acts as a major turnoff for women to have sex. Moreover, having sex during periods help you to get better arousal and also makes climax truly orgasmic. Read more on why sex during periods is awesome!

However, before you plan to take the plunge, here are few tips you need to keep in mind.

As sex during this time can be messy, experts recommend putting a bath towel on the bed or placing a bed sheet before you start the act.

If you are uncomfortable doing it on the bed, another sexy way to get into the act is to get busy in the shower. However, ignore red clumps during or after sex as it is normal during menstruation. Do you still have doubts? Here are few tips for men to make sex during periods enjoyable and less messy!

The best time to have sex during periods is to do it on the third day. This is because estrogen and testosterone levels are low on the first two day and start to rise from day three [1]. So getting into the mood during this time of the month is easier because you are more sexually aroused as your erogenous zones are sensitive due to hormonal changes.

Most people believe that having unprotected sex during periods prevents pregnancy. However, this is 100% guarantee as there have been cases of unwanted pregnancies when you have unprotected sex during periods. So always use protection irrespective of the time of the month.

Moreover, using a condom during this time is sensible as the risk sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIVs, yeast infections and UTIs (urinary tract infections) is very high.


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