Treatment available for male premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction


The male partner resorts to fulfilling his sexual desire by masturbation, homosexuality or illegal sexual relations by watching porn movies, magazines resulting in immense damage and sexual abuse of the organ. This damage to the organ takes place in the way that the veins of the male organ that were supposed to be satisfied naturally with his wife are now being made to be satisfied unnaturally with things other than his wife, usually with perverted sexuality ( Of course, the benefits of early marriage are profoundly great that they can’t be ignored. Yet, this is not the scope of this blog).

Due to that males generally suffer from TWO main problems with the organ which they find out at marriage – premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction both are the root causes of this turmoil, causing sexual dissatisfaction.

The male, because of not being sexually satisfied, habituated with perverted sexuality always looks towards other females and finds faults with his wife. Hence the woman is blamed for not fulfilling the sexual rights of her husband.

This ultimately leads the male partner to fantasize and compare his female partner, with immodest images on the internet, TV, models or elsewhere in common public places. All this eventually results in his loss of confidence in having a satisfying sexual life and hence divorce. Sex is a blessing but has been totally exploited by the western media onslaughts in to a shameless commodity ruining the youth and its vigour.


So, Herbal Medical Center in Lucknow, INDIA, has a treatment, inshaAllah, very effective to remedy the male organ back to its originality. There is a 3 month pre-treatment course to analyze the health of the male organ. If it doesn’t recover then there is cupping like surgery at the veins that control erection at the base of the male organ. (An MBBS doctor cannot even dream about it!!!) This causes the dirty and polluted blood of the veins (caused due to illegal sexual gratification) to drain out and letting fresh blood drive through the veins thus causing strong and satisfactory erections. The cupping treatment is really painful but if one endures it the outcome is excellent.

The only requirement for this treatment is that it must be done in cold weather in order to heal up without sweating and the patient must arrange his own hotel or private room or nursing room in Lucknow, so that the Hakeem can visit him and do the surgery. If the treatment is being done in summer, AC is required and it’s up to the patient to make an arrangement that includes 24 hour AC supply for him for 2-3 weeks for healing of the organ. In winter, the cold weather is enough to heal it up. No conventional chemical or herbal spray is used. The organ is made to recover on its own- so the whole treatment lasts for about 15-20 days depending upon the cold temperature.

As mentioned about me, I have written this keeping in view the current crisis that is afflicting almost every house and the newspapers are full of it. So, for the benefit of my indian countrymen, I have written this article. Its up to you to take benefit of it before its too late.

And one more point if you think you are unfit for marriage because of any of the above reasons or anything else, please do consult the Hakeem and get a proper treatment before your marriage.


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