Top Ten things men nevermore know in regard of women


Ten things men nevermore know in regard of women

I like to drink coffee instead of having ice cream. Why do you always have to speak? Can you nevermore understand without speaking…You will not understand…Many times men get to hear such things from women? Is it indeed that difficult to deem women? Let’s try to grope the woman’s mind.

While on the one hand the woman’s mind is very simple, it is also very complex. Men and women are very different not only physically but also mentally. Sometimes what a woman says doesn’t mean what she wants to say. So let’s know some such secrets of women’s mind, which men may never know.

Praise of other women

Even if a woman does not say this openly, but there is a one thing that hurts a woman the most, the thing is to praise of another woman. It’s not matter that woman is your mother-sister, friend-colleague or neighbor. So before praising any woman, think once or if you are praising someone, then praise your wife also. ‘A woman’ especially a wife, would never want her husband to compliment someone else. He may never show it to everyone, but you have to understand it.


This is something that women don’t like or probably hate. If a woman tells you about her tension or problem, it means that she wants you to listen to her like a good listener and do not give any suggestions on it. If you see wrinkles and annoyance on your wife’s face, understand that she wants you to drop all your work and ask her what the problem is and just listen. Don’t give suggestions on it unless asked from the front.

Accounting of expenses

The matter here is a bit different. Always remember one thing that girls and women like to keep an account of the expenses of others, but they do not like it if someone asks them for the account of the expense and especially if the husband or lover is asking for the account. So in future never call your wife or girlfriend a waste person. Never compare your expenses with his expenses. She will never tell you about it, but any such mention will definitely spoil her mood.

Understand without saying

It’s a little strange, but it’s 100% true. All women want that they do not have to ask their partner for any need or anything. She wants the man to understand and fulfill all her needs without asking. Then whether that need is for love, support or anything else. This is because women themselves are like that. They understand every need of their partner without asking. Women are nope meant to beg stand for affection. She believes in unqualified love.

Center of Attraction

Although a woman may be surrounded by many friends and relatives, she always wants to get the full attention of her husband or partner. She wants him to be the focal point of her partner. A woman’s own world is too small. She wants her partner’s encouragement in every little thing.

Give the Right Signs

Always remember that women are the masters of the look. They trust their observation more than what they say. Women love silence and reading signs. For example, if you don’t get along much with the kids, it means in their eyes that you don’t have marriage material. Then you try to convince them that you will make them happy by marrying them. If you are with a woman, then give her the right signals from your side.

Language of touch

Whether a man believes in the language of touch or not, a woman believes a lot in the language of touch. Even the slightest touch can excite him or tell about someone’s wrong intentions. The meaning of a woman’s touch is quite different. Just holding her hand from her husband or taking her in her arms after coming from office is nothing less than a dialogue for her without words. That’s why they want from time to time that their partner touches them with love or fills them in his arms.

Anger doesn’t always mean anger

It can be a little difficult for men to understand, as they express their feelings directly, but it’s a bit of the opposite in the case of women. If someday you come home and your Mrs. is angry, attacks you when you talk, don’t take it to mean that she is angry with you. Maybe something happened during the day that bothers him or maybe there is some great pain hidden behind his anger. Sometimes a woman gets angry even to hide her weakness or illness. So whenever you feel that your wife is getting angry unnecessarily, instead of fighting with her, try to find out what is bothering her.

Emotional love

Sex is a sensitive issue for women. It has already been told that women are very emotional. At every stage of the relationship, they first connect with emotions. It is the same in sex. Sex is not a process or necessity for women. Sex is only a medium for her, through which she connects with a man on an emotional level. They give more importance to sex on a mental level than physical. So their needs are also different in the matter of sex. She likes foreplay before sex. They want the partner to pamper them during sex and talk a lot with them even after sex.

Gentleman First Choice

Today is the era of gender equality, no matter how strong and hardworking a woman is to look like outside men, she wants her partner on whom she can depend. She wants a man who knows not only her strengths but also her weaknesses. And not only know them, but assimilate and accept them. She wants her partner to never let her weaknesses come in front of any outsider.


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