Top 8 Body Parts Men Like About Women


Okay girls grab onto your thongs you may be surprised what I’ve found out! Every woman is dying to know what female body parts turn a man on. I interviewed several men and did some extensive research on this topic. I had to censor some parts out because some guys can be very graphic, if you know what I mean!

I know what you’re thinking, (and before you rush off to the gym) it’s not that! Guys don’t really care about the shape of a woman’s body. They are more interested in your mind, and if you believe what I just said then your thong is way too tight and it’s preventing the blood from going to your brain!

It’s hard to get a straight answer out of a guy regarding women’s body parts. They seem to divert from one body part to another in a millisecond without notice. I had to keep their attention focused in one area; it was not an easy thing to do!

The following list is made up of the most popular responses first, working our way down to the least popular. Take note and know what body parts men are most attracted to.

1- Nice smile and face

Believe it or not men appreciate it when a lady smiles at him. A beautiful lady that frowns isn’t as attractive as someone else that smiles. But sometimes guys misinterpret a smile to mean something else like, “Wow you must like me, and maybe we could have sex!” so be careful not to smile too much or for too long; unless that’s what you want.

I have to admit I enjoy a nice smile too. Some men think women can be intimating at times and a nice friendly smile helps relieve some of that awkwardness for men. So smiling is at the top of the list.

2- Nice full lips

Men also like nice full lips that go along with that smile. I had to really dig into some of these questions because men don’t seem to be as detailed as women when specific body parts are concerned. So I had to press them for some details. Men like women with full mouths and lips for different reasons. Some of the reasons were more of an intimate nature. Kissing someone with full lips made a difference for some men, while others said it was the tongue that made the overall difference.

3- Cleavage-Breast

Yes cleavage is an eye catcher for most men, and I bet you knew that already, didn’t you? It’s one of those things that differentiate a man from a woman. For most men, size was inconsequential; they were mostly concerned and interested in firmness. They also enjoy watching a woman bounce, not too much and not too obvious. Breast implants are becoming very popular, and for the most part men enjoy the aesthetics it gives. So the final conclusion is cleavage wins over breast size, but in bed firm breast is the winner.

4- Butt

Yes girls, guys like nice Butts to! They like to grab them and look at them, especially behind a nice pair of tight-fitting jeans. They also like to see a nice Butt in shorts along with a nice pair of legs. Guys prefer a firm Butt to a sloppy one. Although some guys did make reference to sloppy butts during intimate encounters, and I won’t go into the details, this is a family show.

5- Hair

On the average men liked nice healthy hair. I personally like longer thick hair while other men had their own preferences. But long hair seems to have a preference over short hair. They said it gives them something to grab onto during…, okay I was supposed to censor that one out…..sorry! Again, men can be a little crude sometimes but I guess that’s part of our nature….uh! not mine of course!

Men seem to like it when a woman plays with her hair while in conversation with him. Actually it’s a combination of smiling, playing with your hair (if it’s long) and moving your body. I think they call that flirting!

6- Legs

Legs! We like them legs! Everybody likes legs and mostly the shapely ones at that. Most men prefer legs that are in proportion…..who doesn’t? Not necessarily muscular ones, but nicely toned and tanned. Long legs or short legs, as long as they look nice, it doesn’t really matter.

7- Hips

Hips are another characteristic that separates the men form women. Nicely shaped hips, some preferences are, pear-shaped, rounded, and heart-shaped. Not too much to say about this, guys like them hips, and especially in those low-rise jeans!

8- Back and Stomach

Speaking of low-rise jeans, I think they are so sexy on a lady with a flat stomach, nice back, beautiful skin, and nicely shaped hips. Every guy agrees, and who wouldn’t. The fact that it reveals a sexy component of the female body is simply irresistible!

Several men also mentioned nice looking belly buttons. Tattoos on the back and stomach were not a favorite; actually guys prefer small tattoos or none at all. I don’t mind a small tattoo if it’s tasteful, but I do prefer “the clean look”

Well there you have it! The top 8 body parts that men like sinking their teeth into, figuratively speaking of course. Are you headed to 24 hour fitness right this minute? Maybe, but you don’t have to.

In conclusion this is not a shallow indication of what men think about women. This is merely for informational purposes and some women may be interested to know what body part a man is most attracted to. Depending on the proximity, whether a man sees her front side or back side first, and the clothes she’s wearing, will make a difference on what he views as attractive first. Revealing clothes and the way you carry yourself is a winning combination for most men, but not too revealing and not too exaggerated in your moves. Leave something to the imagination.

One final point, the color of eyes, skin, hair and a woman’s height is a personal preference, same as thin, athletic, or curvy body types. Although most men say they prefer the look or feel of certain body parts of women, most of the time they settle for something different. Chemistry always prevails, and that goes for both men and women.


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