Top 12 Fantasy Scenes on Sex – Know What the Reality is?


Top Fantasy Scenes on Sex – Know What the Reality is?

Myths related to sex are no less than a puzzle. Some tell them the truth and some tell lies. So what is truth and what is myth?

Myth: Eating sex food creates mood for sex

Truth: Such things are limited to books only. Do not apply in real life. Yes, it can be said that daily or regular consumption of sex food like pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, carrot, raisin, garlic etc. makes sex life healthy, but soon after consumption of sex food, sex mood is created. It’s just an illusion.

Myth: Women’s never think about sex like a men

Truth: We can say that women think less about sex than men, but we can’t say that women don’t think about sex at all. According to a research, not only men but women also think about sex, but this happens when they go through hormonal changes.

Myth: Women don’t like to observe porn movies

Truth: Even aleven though guys have usually been maligned with inside the call of porn movies, however this does not suggest that ladies don’t like to look at porn movies. This reality has additionally been proved through the survey that like guys, ladies additionally like to look at porn movies. But women don’t accept it like men, so people live under the misconception that women do not like to watch porn movies.

Myth: If the lady companion does now no longer make the satisfactory sounds all through intercourse, then it approach that she isn’t always playing the intercourse act

Truth: It’s now no longer real. This is hundred percentages a lie. Some girls make satisfactory sound all trough intercourses, particularly all through orgasm, however it is not important that everyone girl do the same. If she doesn’t do this, it doesn’t mean that she is not enjoying sexual pleasure. According to expert, it is not necessary for everyone to express their feelings. Many ladies experience intercourse through preserving quit.

Myth: Women are unable to get pregnant by changing sex position

Truth: Many people think this to be true, but it is completely false. Pregnancy is related to sperm and not to any particular position of sex. A woman becomes pregnant only when she comes into contact with male sperm. In such a situation, how was the sex position, how it was not, it does not matter for pregnancy.

Myth: Using two condoms is the best option for safe sex

Truth: People think so because of condom break during sex, but it is not true. Using two condoms does not guarantee that the condom will not spoil. It is possible that even after using two condoms, they may burst.

Myth: If a woman becomes pregnant after sex, then the symptoms of pregnancy appear immediately

True: There is no any fact on this at all. What if immediately after sex, sometimes even after several months have passed, the symptoms of pregnancy are not visible, while in some cases these symptoms start appearing in women within a month. According to experts, it relies upon at the fitness of women.

Myth: Sex is a male ruled activity

True: It is absolutely incorrect to suppose that intercourse is a male ruled activity. Not only the desire for sex, but also the need is felt by both men and woman. Yes, it is another matter that men express their desire, but women never initiate sex because of hesitation, sometimes because of shame, but they are not interested in sex that cannot be said.

Myth: Having intercourse after consuming alcohol doubles the satisfaction of intercourse

True: Having sex after drinking alcohol increases the pleasure of sex, this thing is also wrong. Actually, sex has nothing to do with the drink, but many times the consumption of alcohol deprives you of enjoy of sex, so often consuming alcohol spoils all of the amusing of sex.

Myth: Women do now no longer have interaction in fable sex

True: If you also think so, then you are wrong. According to the survey, just as men get lost in the fantasy world during sex activity, in the same way women also enjoy sex activity by going to the fantasy world. So it can be said that in this case the number of men is more than women.

Myth: Women with accurate parent show to be higher intercourse partners

Truth: Men especially have this misconception that women with good figure prove to be better sex partners, but this is not necessary. Through the survey, many men have proved that during sex, their attention is not on the figure of the partner, but on the sex act.

Myth: If you fail in sex for the first time, it means you are lacking

Truth: This is a misconception. Just as exercise is important for everything, within side the equal way, even after training many times, one receives to experience higher sex. You may not be able to enjoy sex in the initial stages, as many times after practice.


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