Things Which Will Cause You to Lose Your Erection


The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence) i.e. loss of erection is on the rise in India. So it’s important to know what factors can cause this condition. This is the first of a two part series listing the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men.
1. Side effects of some medications: A lot of common drugs can cause ED; there is a long list of drugs that can make you experience sexual problems. If you are taking medication for pain, blood pressure or depression; and you are having problems maintaining your erection; it would be good idea to find out about the potential side effects of the medication and to discuss this with your doctor to find an alternative drug if possible.
2. Depression: Suffering from depression can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. You can have problems getting sexually aroused if your mind is not in it. You need to treat depression as soon as possible by therapy or medication. Keep in mind though that many antidepressants can ironically dampen your sex drive.
3. Consumption of Alcohol: A lot of people think that drinking alcohol will get them to be comfortable and in the mood to have sex, what they don’t realize is that over indulging in this can cause temporary loss of erection. So what you get is the opposite of what you desire.
4. Stress: Our day to day responsibilities; be those at work or at home, can sometimes overwhelm us, and cause high levels of stress in our body. This can impede your sexual performance, so it’s important to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce your stress levels and help you relax after a tough day at work.
5. Anger: If you have anger management issues, chances are you will experience some sort of sexual performance problem. When you are very angry, it can be next to impossible to have an erection as the blood flow to the penis gets impeded, causing it to lose erection. You will also not be romantically inclined in this state of mind. So it is highly advisable to seek professional help to keep your anger in check, this will not only help you in bed but also in other aspects of life, especially in your personal relationships.
If you take care to analyze the above mentioned causes of erectile dysfunction and seek professional help from your doctor, therapist or a sexologist, it will go a long way to help you start living not only a happier sex life but also improve your general and personal relationships.
In the second part of this series on causes of ED, I will list down the other main reasons that can cause you to lose erection.


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