These men are the advantages of Masturbation


It is a class of men who believe that masturbation (Masturbation) decreases the ability to sex or weakness in the body.

But research has proved that not only men but also for women Masturbation is healthy. The Held India online Masturbation some health benefits for men to know. Here, about the benefits of Masturbation.

Masturbation is also beneficial for health

There are many men who do Masturbation, but then do not accept the fact that they Masturbation. Masturbation and sex in India, such as the way people are afraid to talk to.

Research has shown that many of these things Masturbation is healthy and safe. It does not harm in any way. Masturbation can be used to overcome many diseases. Not only reduce the risk of serious diseases like cancer Protest can be.

Semen is fresh

Masturbation to read but you might be surprised that limiting refresh. Several research has proved that the discharge (discharge) rather than having to not only increase sperm count and sperm is still fresh.

Masturbation is more limiting than you fresh Fertility is also increasing.

Can long sex Enjoy

Masturbation Men often think that the day will be a reduction in the time of their sex. But research says that these are people who regularly Masturbation longer than they can cheer on the bed partner who do not Masturbation.

Can escape from the early discharge

It may surprise you, but not off the penis of men who have problems or that men are often nervous, mostly during sex and are discharged prematurely. Masturbation best of their way to deal with these problems.

Does stress at

Then you should know that having sex reduces stress. The best way to relieve stress and feel Masturbation, mostly expert.

Masturbation many hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, that you get to excited. If you want to get good sleep and want to stay away from stress, mostly Mastbeshn you should regularly.

Protects from sexually transmitted diseases

You might not know it but you do Masturbation can avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Indeed, the sexually Trasmiteed Masturbation disease is suspected to be equal to zero percent. As for sexual practice is the better idea.


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