Size Matters – But What Does That Really Mean


At this point in time, we can probably all agree that size really does matter. While the well-behaved housewives of old may not have been willing or able to discuss it, today’s women are happy to proclaim the truth about sexual satisfaction – and how to get it.

Women who claim no preference when it comes to penis size are typically inexperienced or sexually timid; often they are covering for a partner whom they love but who simply doesn’t measure up.

But why does penis size matter to women, and more important, how does it factor into a woman’s sexual experience?

After all, some well-known studies suggest that penis size has no affect upon the physiological stimulation a woman receives during sex. If this is true, then why is there such an emphasis put upon the size of a man’s erection?

A University of Texas study gathered 50 sexually active women between the ages of 18 and 25. The women were asked to comment on whether the length of the penis or the width of the penis felt better during sex.

A stunning 45 of the 50 women said that width was more important than length. Only five women said that length was more important that width. None of the women said that length and width were of equal importance, and none of the women said they didn’t know.

The reality is, a penis that is too long can cause discomfort for a woman. Too short can be less satisfying; but width is of the utmost importance for a woman’s sexual pleasure – no matter what the older studies say.

But can we conclude that when women say “size matters,” they are referring only to penis width? Actually, no: there is more to the size conundrum; including what does meet the eye.

Of course, the other element in this equation is how a man feels about his penis. Sexuality, especially in younger men, is deeply affected by the individual’s confidence levels.

Male anxiety about penis size is cited as a number-one factor in making men feel sexually inadequate. A man who is happy with the length and girth of his penis is more prone to confidence with women in all aspects of a relationship, from the initial meeting to the bedroom. In reality, people what a bigger penis.

An Internet-based study of over 52,000 men proved that at least 50 percent of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. The ramifications of this are astounding: as much as half of the male population may lack confidence in the bedroom.

How can we expect men to achieve sexual confidence, with size and performance anxieties exacerbated by the hounding sexualized images in the media and the brazen talk of today’s women?

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