Sex Education: Top 5 beginner’s sex tips for Indian men


We get a lot of questions on our Q&A section, most of them which should’ve been answered in primary school. They range from the basic to the downright bizarre. So we decided to make up for the lack of sex education in our country, by answering some basic sex-related questions:

Only proper vaginal penetrative sex can make a girl pregnant!

We seem to get a lot of queries asking what will get a girl pregnant. One fellow was even worried that washing his clothes with his sister could get her pregnant. The point is that your sperm is not super-sperm so it can’t survive outside or fly and get a girl pregnant. Kissing, hugging, oral sex, foreplay, etc. are not activities that will make you a daddy!

There’s more to sex than the penis

We don’t know if porn’s to blame for this but the entire male population seems to live under the impression that sex ends and begins with their penis. And they seriously worry about it, believing that their penis is either too small or thin or out-of-alignment or suffers from some other deficiency which will make them bad lovers. Men’s health physician and medical sex therapist, Dr Vijaysarathi Ramanathan adds: ‘We have porn to blame for people thinking that all there’s to sex is vaginal intercourse. Here’s where outercourse plays an important part.’ Outercourse is an umbrella term that refers to all forms of sexual acts except penetration which includes kissing, foreplay, oral sex, mutual masturbation, necking, dry humping, rubbing, massages, mammary intercourse and much more.

Condoms need to be used properly

Every young boy knows condoms help prevent HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies but there are few ads that explain how condoms should be used. When used properly, condoms have a success rate of 98% but improper use is pretty common. Common mistakes include tearing its packaging the wrong way, failing to unroll it properly, putting it on wrong, using it with the wrong kind of lubricants and even taking it off too late. Read how to use a condom properly.

It’s okay to masturbate

We’ve been told a lot of things about masturbation and none of them are true. Masturbation does not, and we repeat does not:

  • Make a person weak
  • Cause blindness
  • Grow hair on the back of the palm (If it did that’d be a great business idea)
  • Lead to mental health issues
  • Cause infertility or impotency
  • Cause sperm to run out

Or any of the myriad other myths we’ve heard about the practise. Seriously, masturbation is just simulated sex and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Virginity is not a big deal

We live in interesting times. While it’s perfectly okay for a guy to venture out and get some action before marriage, when choosing a life partner, a lot of Indian guys would prefer to marry a virgin. Not only does this reek of hypocrisy, it’s also stupid, kind of like going to a restaurant and saying: ‘I want a dish made by the guy who’s never cooked.’ And seriously, guys also have to stop believing the myth that an intact hymen is the sign of virginity. It doesn’t take much for the hymen to break, and there really is no way to tell whether a girl is a virgin or not.


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