Pills for Premature Ejaculation?


For men who suffer from premature ejaculation, there is one great temptation: look for the easiest possible cure that requires the least amount of work, and pay whatever it takes to get it. After all, it’s kind of the American Way, isn’t it? Aren’t we experts at making things as easy as possible, no matter how much it costs?

There’s a name for that trap when it comes to men with PE, and that name is…penis pills. Or, to be more politically correct, “herbal erection enhancers”. The Internet is full of offers from the manufacturers of these modern-day wonder pills, offers to “increase the size of your penis by 3 full inches, and cure your PE as a bonus”. Have you seen that spam e-mail in your inbox yet? Chances are good that you have.

What about these pills? Should you try them? Do they even have anything to do with you? They claim to increase the size of your member, and some actually do, but what does that have to do with PE? And should you spend $50 a month to find out?

First of all, you need to consider the inherent risks involved in taking unregulated medications. Since these products are not approved as medicines by the FDA, (the
United States Food and Drug Administration), then neither the quality of effectiveness of the ingredients or the cleanliness and sanitation of the manufacturing plants are being regulated by anyone. These pills could have anything in them, and be manufactured anywhere, under any circumstances, and sold to you. In Latin, “caveat emptor”, or “Let the buyer beware”.

But the real issue is the question of whether or not something that can make your penis larger actually has anything at all to do with delaying the timing of your orgasm. The burning question is, “Can you cure premature ejaculation by changing the chemical composition of your body”? The answer to that would be a resounding “no”, unless of course the chemical that you’re putting into your body has mind-altering properties, which these herbal remedies do not claim to have.

So how did it come about that somebody somewhere decided to start marketing these pills as a premature ejaculation treatment? Here’s what happened: There are many men who are self-conscious about the size of their penis. Still others have slight erectile dysfunction, difficulty getting and maintaining a good quality erection. They get one, and it works, but it’s not reliable. In both cases, this creates anxiety, also known as “performance anxiety”. And it’s understandable, right? If you penis isn’t big enough, or hard enough, to both impress and satisfy your partner, you’re going to be anxious about that.

It’s been accepted for decades that performance anxiety is one of the top triggers for PE. It’s not the actual cause of the PE, of course, because it’s impossible for an emotion to cause an orgasm, but it’s certainly a very real trigger for the physical mechanism of PE. But these men who were nervous about their size or hardness began to take penis enlargement pills and achieved whatever it was they were looking for, and lo and behold, their PE got better. Was it because the herbal content of the medication changed their body chemistry, thereby curing their premature ejaculation? Of course not. Because of the effect of the herbs, because of the larger and firmer erection, the anxiety went away, and therefore the PE went away. Remove the trigger, and sometimes you remove the result.

This is, in large part, what is known as “the placebo effect”. You may have heard about scientific studies where two groups of people were given a pill each day. One group got the actual medication, the other got the “placebo”, a sugar pill made to look exactly like the medication. In many instances, the people who take the placebo get better. No one can fully explain it – the human body and mind are a mystery, and will be forever. But the reality is undeniable: sometimes a medicine works because the person believes it will work.

But here’s the problem – the medication might help you with your anxiety. Not because it’s a mood altering drug, but just because it removes the cause of your anxiety. But as I said, performance anxiety is not the real cause of PE, it’s only the thing that triggers the actual physical response of orgasm. In most instances, the physical manifestation of the anxiety becomes a learned behavior, and does not go away when you remove the trigger. If it did, every man who stopped being anxious would stop having PE, and it just doesn’t happen like that. Remove the trigger, and sometimes you remove the result, but the sad reality is not in most cases.

Don’t be fooled by these pills that claim to offer a remedy for premature ejaculation as a side-effect of their actual purpose. Is that what you want to trust your sexual future to, a $50 a month “side-effect”? I would hope not. Do you want to trust your sexual future to the idea that if you believe it hard enough, it just might work for you? I hope not. Do you want to trust your sexual future to the idea that changing your body’s chemistry will change your sexual performance, do you want to trust your sexual future to the idea that it’s the American Way to find the easiest possible fix that takes the least amount of work and pay whatever it takes to get it? I hope not.

Wouldn’t be easier (and less expensive) to just deal with the real cause of the problem in a natural, once-and-for-all way? That’s what the recently developed program that’s
You can find out everything you always wanted to know about PE, (including how performance
anxiety becomes the trigger for orgasm), and then using that information you
can get to work and take control of your sexual future through your own knowledge and effort. You can work at it, you can conquer it, and you can know that you earned it and you deserve it. That’s the real American Way!


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