One sex position that can lead to many more!


Content suitable for 18+ years. Parental guidance required and advised…
Content suitable for 18+ years. Parental guidance required and advised. Please exit if below 18 years of age.

The missionary position, and that too only in bed, is so much like vanilla ice-cream. You need some toppings or variation after a while. Exploring different places in the house for the action can help you sizzle the scene. Make your living room the place of pleasure tonight and let the sofa replace thy bed. But don’t get into the missionary position right away. Use the sofa better with this sofa brace position.

Why is this position so good?

It is a relaxed take on the doggy style but the pleasure and orgasm is definitely not compromised. The sofa will provide a good support to you so you can go as fast as you want. This move can be very arousing due to the steady pressure it can maintain on the clitoris. What’s more, your man gets to play with your breasts since his hands are and won’t that be an added bonus for you? Also, the angle of this position makes hitting the G-spot easier even if his penis is of average length. If you love this position on the couch, experiment on the stairs next or in the car. Avoid back pain during sex with these positions.

How to do the sofa brace position?

It is super easy. Drape yourself over the back rest of the couch – imagine embracing the couch. Your partner comes in from behind and positions himself like in the doggy style. Spread your legs a little so that your man can place his between yours. Then guide him inside and let him use his hands to please you some more. For a variation, bring your legs close with his legs spread to get a tighter fit and an orgasm like never before. You can also move to anal sex in this position if both of you are up for it. Do women really want anal sex? Find out.


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