Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Natural Solution


Healthy sexual function is a matter of pride and ego among most men, with any sort of issue in that area becoming a major sore point. Yet male sexual dysfunction is a common disorder impacting men of all ages, which makes it tougher to engage in sexual intercourse.

The most common forms of sexual disorders in men include erectile dysfunction wherein it is difficult to maintain an erection and disorders of ejaculation which could be premature or not at all. These can also be accompanied by a decreased sex drive and an inability to have an orgasm which can seriously decrease the pleasure during sex.

There are several reasons for sexual dysfunction. These can be physical or psychological factors.

  • Performance anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • High levels of stress,
  • Use of certain medicines
  • Sleep disorders
  • Alcohol or tobacco abuse
  • An inactive lifestyle and various such instances could be the cause of this disorder.

Improving Sexual Health Naturally

Noting the impact of commercial medicines on overall health, most men are turning towards natural solutions from medicinal plants to correct their sexual disorder and improve sexual performance over time. Some of the well-accepted herbs to stimulate sexual function include:

Chlorophytum Root Extract (Safed Musli): Also known as Chlorophytum borivilianum, this herb is a well-accepted aphrodisiac. In a research study conducted on rats, the root extract was found to act as a sexual stimulant and improve ejaculation function. In addition, this herb is known to help boost sperm count, restore vigor and enhance sexual libido.

Tribulus Fruit Extract (Gokshura): A beloved Ayurvedic herb, the tribulus fruit extract helps stimulate the production of testosterone in men without negatively affecting overall health. The properties of this herb help improve sperm count and seminal fluid in men. This in turn promotes sexual libido, enhances stamina during sexual intercourse, and with time may even help curb premature ejaculation.

Elephant Vine Root Extract (Vidhara): This medicinal herb grows in the form of a vine or creeper and is well known for its property of rejuvenating cells in the body, including cells in sexual organs. It is a documented aphrodisiac and helps boost sperm count while decreasing inflammation in sexual organs. In addition, this herb also supports healthy nerve and brain function which in turn can help with psychological reasons of sexual dysfunction.

A herbal solution: Hard Rock

Locating these herbs and identifying how to correctly treat them can be next to impossible as most of these are native to Asia. But bringing you the combined benefits of all these and much more herbs is Hard Rock – an all-natural herbal supplement for men’s health. This herbal solution helps boost sexual performance in men while promoting virility and vigor naturally. In addition, the combination of herbs helps improve stamina and energy during sexual intercourse to make it pleasurable.

Hard Rock improves blood flow to the sexual organs thereby facilitating an erection as well as promotes neurological function of sex impulse to sex organs thereby increasing sexual libido. Another major benefit of this supplement is that as it is all natural, it has no side effects or harmful consequences on one’s general health. Further, it works to boost sexual health as a whole instead of a temporary fix given by most commercial medicines.



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