Know about the top 10 sexiest sensual parts of women’s body


Know about top 10 sexiest sensual parts of women’s body

While most men focus on one or two parts of their body to excite women during sex, there are many similar parts of women’s body where touching them awakens their libido.

What are those sexiest sensual parts of the body?

You cannot enjoy your sex life completely without excited your partner. To excite the female partner. It is necessary to tamper with the sensitive parts of their beautiful body, but most men only press the breast to stimulate the woman. They think that only tampering with it increases sexual excitement in women, but it’s not like that. There are many such sensitive parts in the body of women from head to toe. This by touching them awakens sensuality. If you also want to enjoy sex with your partner to the fullest, then know about their sexual organs.

Inner part of the thighs

The inner part of the thighs is very sensitive. Here the excitement of women increases by touching, or kissing with love, and they enjoy sex more. Like the inner part of the knee, the inner part of the thigh has many nerve endings, which make it sensitive.

Inner part of wrist

The skin of the wrist is very thin. As well as being very sensitive due to the many nerve endings in its inner part. At this place, the touch of the partner is enough to excite the women. By doing this you can get more pleasure of sex and your relationship with your partner can become even stronger.


Did you know that the ear is also a major sex organ? It stimulates both physically and mentally. So if you want to feel the pleasure of sex act, then kiss your partner on the lower part of the ear or behind. Apart from this, the partner can be mentally stimulates for sex through sexy talks.

Back of the neck

The touch or kiss done by the partner on the back of the neck. It makes women very excited and they get into the depth of sex. Actually, the back part of the neck is extremely sensitive. If you were also unaware of this secret sexy part of your partner till now, then now you also target your partner’s neck and make your sex life thrilled.

Feet and thumb

Feet are the most neglected part of our body, but nerve endings are abundant here. You will be surprised to know that the feet and thumb are also very sex organs. The thumb in particular are more sensitive, so the action performed here is very pleasing to some women and they get sensual immediately after getting the loving touch of the partner.


When you kiss your partner’s beautiful eyelashes with love, a vibration will be created in his body, which will bring him closer to you and will increase the pleasure of sex activity even more. Actually, the skin of the eyelids is very thin and the presence of many nerves makes it sensitive, hence it is counted among the sex organs. But if your partner uses lenses, then be a little careful while expressing love.


There are also many pressure points in the palms, so pressing it increases pleasure. The most sensitive part of our body is the tongue followed by the number of fingers, but due to lack of knowledge of this sexy part, most of the couples are deprived of the real happiness of sex. Do not make such mistake and to make your love life exciting, hold your partner’s hand with love. This will not only increase the enthusiasm, but the partner will also feel the depth of your love.

Back of knees

Little is known about this important sex organ. Actually, the skin on the back of the knee is thinner than other parts of the body, so doing anything here sends an instant message to the brain. Rubbing this part with the face or hands produces intense sexual arousal. If you’re not sure, just try it yourself.

Center of back

We are talking about the middle part of the lower back, this area is very sensitive. Kissing here not only excites women, but also reduces their stress. If you also want to enjoy sex to the fullest, so rub your partner’s back with your face and then see how eager she is to come in your arms.


You probably have no idea how much sensitive this part of women’s body. A light massage or a light tickle on the beautiful thin waist of the partner is enough to wake them up. Despite being so important, women do not pay special attention to this part of their body, because they feel that the partner will not pay attention to this part. So now you explain to your partner the importance of this important part of his body.


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