Is There Any Exercise To Boost Libido


Let us keep it simple. Though desire starts in the mind, all bedroom activity is predominantly a physical activity and therefore it needs good physical fitness and mind body co-ordination. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in trying an exercise for libido like the kegel exercise. Well, the kegels are very simple to do and they don’t need any equipment.

They just involve the muscles in the region of your pelvic floor. How to perform this exercise? Well, very simple. Just tighten your pelvic muscles for a span of five seconds and then release. Do at least 10 repetitions depending upon your convenience. This exercise helps both men and women in many ways. In fact this exercise is mainly done by people who suffer from frequent urination. Men can enjoy better bed life when they strengthen their pelvic area. Today, this exercise is also recommended by doctors to many men who have weak pelvis muscles due to health issues like obesity or diabetes.

The best part is: you can do this exercise anytime and anywhere even if you are in an airport. Just tightening and releasing your pelvic muscles isn’t tough, right? Now, let us know more about this workout.

Identify Your Pelvic muscles

Locate your pelvis muscles first. Imagine that you are trying to hold urine midway. When you tighten your muscles to stop the flow of urine, you will find the pelvic muscles. Use the same muscles to perform this workout.

Tighten And Release

Also,tighten your muscles around the anus without tightening any muscles in the surrounding areas like your legs, stomach etc. After tightening, hold the pose for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat 10 times.

Lie Down

In the initial stages, try to perform this workout at home. Lie down on the floor to do this. Ensure that you correctly locate the right muscles and tighten them.

Be Consistent And Patient

Remember that you can’t expect any miracles within just a day or two. Only when you perform this workout consistently and strengthen your pelvic muscles, you may not be able to see any results.

How Women Benefit

When women perform this exercise, it may help them enjoy their orgasms better and go through the pregnancy-delivery stages with ease.

How Romance Can Get Better

Women with strong pelvic muscles will feel better and tighter during romance. In fact, if you can squeeze and release your pelvic muscles with ease, you can effortlessly make a man go mad in bed.

Some Precautions

Remember not to hold your breath when you perform this workout. Also, never try to postpone your nature’s calls after getting used to this exercise.


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