Indian women share the sex positions they love the most!


Doggy style or the woman on top, or the good old missionary — which position do Indian women like the most?

Women indeed enjoy sex, but there are some sex positions women prefer and find it more pleasurable than others. Remember great sex happens only when both of you enjoy. To help you out, we spoke to some real women who tell you which sex positions they love the most.

For deep penetration: There is nothing you can really do to increase the size of your penis but you can certainly work on your sex position to allow deep penetration. Doggy style will help you penetrate deeper and also help the session last longer.

‘I like it doggy style as it allows for deep penetration. Another, sex position which I feel is a big turn-on is the reverse cowgirl. I love the back and forth movement in this position. I feel I get more intimate with my husband when I can maintain an eye-contact’ says Suman Raina.

For comfort: Spooning may look simple and boring but it can gets easier for to hit the G-spot in this position. Women totally love this pose as they find pleasure in this with very less effort.

Priya says, ‘I prefer spooning. I feel it is one of the most comfortable sex positions, and it lasts long. The excitement gets to a different level when my partner rubs his body against me from behind. Also, it leaves him free to touch other areas of my body.’

For adventure: Women love doing new things the stand and carry pose will give them a chance to experiment. It is a fun sex position that will definitely spice things up.

‘It may sound weird, but I like to get out of the bed and do it standing. In all likelihood, the stand and carry position make it easy for him to hit my G-spot. I believe it is the one sex position which gives me the most awesome orgasm of my life’ says Samaria.

For better co-ordination: Missionary is a very simple position for beginners and doesn’t need a great deal of athleticism. Women love it as there is more eye-contact and kissing and they can co-ordinate better.

Aarti Bharat says ‘According to me, missionary is the best position. While my partner is experimental, I do not like to try out new positions. It becomes tough for me to coordinate in other sex positions. And the fact that you are not co-ordinated can just kill the mood. I also like the woman on top position…well who doesn’t!’

‘I love missionary because there is less work’ says Delfin D’Souja.

So, there you go. There’s no one position that women love. We have our own favorites — after all, half the fun is in trying new things!


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