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Many readers are asking : “How can I last longer in bed?” . Premature ejaculation is a problem most men will experience at least once in their lives. Failing to satisfy your partner’s desires can be one of the most embarrassing situations one can go through during sexual intercourse. However, to avoid such an unfulfilling experience, we have compiled a few simple tips that will hopefully get you out of these sticky situations.

Premature ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation anyways? Premature ejaculation is the unwelcome occurrence of the male orgasm before the woman is ready. There is no real time limit. For some couples, the male orgasm will be considered premature if it happens in less than 20 minutes after initiating sexual intercourse. On the other hand, if the man ejaculates in 1 minute, it may be okay if the woman had time to reach her peak as well.

Sexual techniques

What can I do to elongate my sex drive? The most sought out method is to imagine something totally different during the act. For example, think of your weekend baseball game or the old lady next door. This technique might delay the male orgasm slightly, but it can also really affect its intensity. Some men have also seen this technique lead to impotence.

A more practical way of lasting longer in bed is to use better and thicker protection. Next time you are faced with an intimate situation, suit up a thicker condom to reduce the sensation at the tip of your penis. Heavier coated condoms will both reduce the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases and the sensitivity of the male organ. These condoms are usually used for anal penetration because of their durability and sturdiness.

Desensitizing creams

Yet another way to de-sensitize your penis head is to use special creams. The role these creams have is to freeze up the tip of your penis and allow you to perform for longer periods of time. These creams can be found in both nationwide sex shops and online. The negative aspect of this technique is how to subtly merge the cream into the sexual situation. The problem might not arise if you have been with a partner for a long time, but when you are having sex for the first time, it might be touchy. Therefore, this technique is recommended for men in established relationships.

Pull it out

The most common method men use is pulling out before they reach the orgasm. This method stipulates that men must anticipate the sensation of an impending orgasm. All men can anticipate when they reach orgasm, and at that point, they must stop the stimulation immediately. Obviously the women will need to be cooperative and understand when that point arrives. After a few minutes, the erection should soften a little and lovemaking can resume.

This technique has obvious benefits. First, women will have plenty of time to reach their orgasm. Second, your orgasm will be delayed with a higher intensity than usual. Remember it is all about timing; just make sure to pull out when the time is right .

An alternative technique to increase your stamina is to practice often. Most men will try masturbation throughout their lives and this is totally natural. We can write a whole article on masturbation, but the idea here is to discuss what masturbation will do for your stamina. Let’s put it this way, if a man masturbates and reaches orgasm within only a few minutes, then, chances are, he will reach a quicker orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Obviously, there isn’t the same level of excitement when masturbating as when one is intimate with another person, but the practice will surely help. The idea is that if a man masturbates, he should stop right before ejaculating and start back when the sensation is gone. It is basically training the male organ to last longer when orgasm approaches. Remember that only practice makes perfect!

These techniques are straight to the point and graphic in nature, because this is the way it had to be done and there is no subtle way of saying it. Hopefully, these techniques will help many men achieve greater stamina for future sexual encounters. Please feel free to email me if you have any useful techniques to prolong sex drive, or if you want to suggest a topic.


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