Important way for Making Your Sex Life More Exciting


Important way for Making Your Sex Life More Exciting

The initial years of marriage are very beautiful. Partners understand each other as well as enjoy each other’s company, feeling of closeness and love-love. But it often happens that gradually the responsibilities increase and instead of excitement, routine life becomes a part of the couple’s life.

Somewhere in this, sex also starts becoming routine, which starts having an effect on mutual relationships. It is better that you do not let your sex life become boring, so that the heat remains in your relationship.

If there is no time to spend together, then obviously there will be a negative effect on emotional attachment and sex without emotional attachment will also give a feeling of boredom.

What to do: No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for each other. Go on a bike ride or a long drive on the weekend. You can also spend some time with each other by going to the beach, Water Park, movie or even the nearby garden. The effects of this point spent together are going to be very positive on your bedroom life.

After living together for a few years, the excitement about sex decreases and sex life becomes very boring.

What to do: Try something new. Switch off bulb Light candles or dim light in the bedroom and create a sexy atmosphere. Ask your partner what they want new in sex and tell yourself about your desire. Wear sexy outfits and talk sexy. This will bring newness.

Often couples are busy and get tired. The same fatigue is visible in their relationships and sex life as well.

What to do: Give the most importance to your relationship.
If you keep your relationship at the top of your priority list, then there will never be any fatigue in the relationship.
Apart from this, if you give more importance to each other and support, then you will be able to deal with other things and problems in a better way. This will not cause both depression and tiredness.

Often couples hesitate to tell each other that they want to change sex life and want to do something new. They feel that the partner should not feel bad and he should not feel that he is not satisfied with him.

What to do: Talk, but the way of talking should be such that the partner does not feel bad. Do not say that you are bored rather say that we should try something different and new. Openly talk is very important with partner. Open discussion makes your sex life beautiful.

Due to routine life, you start forgetting the importance of even small pleasures. Touching each other, giving compliments, giving gifts, giving surprises, etc., all of a sudden disappear from the relationship.

What to do: Never let these things vanish from your relationship. Compliment each other’s looks and fitness. Lovely pranks, touching each other, hugging, kissing…all these small things keep the relationship fresh. You can never imagine how a small message, a surprise gift will refresh your routine life. All this definitely affects your sex life as well.

Even after many efforts, if you are not able to spend time together, then there is staleness in the relationship and irritability in nature, which badly affects the sex life.

What to do: Think of something interesting and innovative where you can spend time together. Work out together, go for jogging or walk. Join some class like dance, swimming etc. These habits will bring you closer fast to each other. Take out some time and give sexy massage to each other, it will bring newness and both of you will feel fresh.

Alerts that will tell if your sex life is boring?

Sex is less now than before.
Romantic talks have almost stopped.
There is no want to try and do something new in sex.
Sex has become a mere physical act.
There was no curiosity to hear or know each other’s wishes.
Partners have started avoiding sex.
Due to always being tired or busy, interest in sex has decreased.
Do not enjoy sex as before.
At the time of sex, the partner’s interest and cooperation is not available.
Partner no longer seems attractive as before, even if he appears in attractive clothes and also takes the initiative in sex, but you do not pay attention to him.

All these symptoms are signals to you that you have to do something, so that your sex life does not become a boring routine.

Bring back the lost warmth and freshness
If the partner’s interest in sex has decreased, then it is your duty to take the initiative and revive the partner’s interest.
Ask the partner whether he has any mental or physical problem. If so, contact an expert.
Never force sex, because it will reduce the partner’s interest in sex and attachment towards you.
Talk to her with love, caress while talking, kiss and move fingers lightly in the hair. By doing this, even if there is no mood, gradually the mood starts building and the partner feels better.
Take full care of hygiene. Sometimes such things also reduce the interest in sex and the partner is unable to speak anything even after wanting. It will be better that the couples take full care of cleanliness.
The atmosphere of the area ought to even be calm and romantic. Bed sheet etc. ought to even be clean.
When you enter in bedroom Keep your smart phone and laptop away from the bedroom. Their excessive use or watching TV also has a negative effect on sex life. Nowadays these gadgets have made a lot of place in our life, but don’t let them become the snag between us and you. This will make the partner feel that you are not interested in him and neither your attention is towards his words.
Give full focus attention to the partner in personal time, he should feel that this time belongs to both of you only, in which there is no place for anyone else.
Make your partner feel that their company is more important to you than sex. This sort of emotional attachment brings one other nearer.
Don’t just discuss openly what newness should be brought in sex, but plan together how to make tonight or this weekend even more romantic.
Colors also affect in your sex life, so add colors to the room keeping each other’s likes and dislikes in mind. Select sexy colors and styles in your outfits and inner wear too.
Forgetting work and stress at the time of sex, the whole focus should be on the partner, otherwise people often do other things at that time and make sex only an action, so that the partner feels that their partner is only fulfilling their desire.
On the other hand, some people also use sex as a weapon, especially women consider sex as the best weapon of emotional blackmailing and try to get them to talk to their husbands by making various demands at the time of sex. By doing this, the husband does not have that respect for the wife and he also starts adopting a practical approach.
Do only romantic things during sex. Avoid taunting and complaining.
Recall old romantic things and beautiful moments together, talk about them, laugh together, and laugh, because all these things make you feel refreshed.
To save sex life from getting boring is not limited to just the bedroom, but you have to make every moment, every moment better. One has to pay attention to each other, because the essence of the activities of the whole day is reflected in sex life.

The day will be good, the mood will be good, then the relationship will be better… and better relationship means better sex life and stronger-unbreakable bond.



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