If Size really Matters then Know ways to Enlarge it


You have been told time and again that ‘size matters’, you have seen the distance between her index finger and thumb as she teased a certain somebody’s certain something. Do you really want a penis enlargement

When you read in an advt “Add Inches to Your Penis!”—did it not make you wonder if you could get it done. Most men equate masculinity, power and sexual satisfaction with penis size and think the bigger the better. But in fact there is no relationship between masculinity, sexual satisfaction and penis size.

Normal penis size

Average penis is about five and six inches long when erect, with a circumference of four to six inches.

A flaccid male organ is about three and a half inches. The size of the flaccid organ varies more but the smaller looking flaccid penis may actually grow to be as big as a longer looking flaccid penis.

Experts say that most men who think that they have a small penis mostly have a normal size organ. And men who firmly believe that their penis is small even when the ruler says it is not should probably consult a psychiatrist and not a surgeon. These men have the psychiatric diagnosis of penile dysmorphic disorder. The results of a study showed that most men who get penis enlargement surgery have penile dysmorphic disorder and are not satisfied with the result of the surgery as well.

Pumps, pills, exercises, and surgery for bigger penises ― do they work?

Several techniques are claimed to enlarge the penis, but bear in mind these may not be wholly true. Penis enlargement options include— The vacuum pump, Exercises, weights, and devices, the “ancient” (which means “bogus”) technique of “jelqing,” and devices to clamp onto your penis to stretch it. These are nothing more than fraud methods to enlarge the penis. Most of them can cause injury to the penis like tearing of the tissue, burst blood vessels, blisters, bruises, and other problems. The results of which can be terrible pain and even surgery.

Similarly the pills, supplements, and creams claimed to enlarge your manhood are hogwash. They do not have any effect on penis size.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Unlike the medieval enlargement methods such a vacuum pump, exercises, weights, and devices, and “jelqing,” surgery can work. But do not expect a miracle and an enormous sized penis. According to a study the average length gain is about one inch.

The two basic penis enlargement surgeries options are—- lengthening the penis and widening the penis. Some surgeons implant allograft, tissue harvested from cadavers to lengthen the penis. God only knows how the tissue donors feel about being used as penis stuffing. Most surgeons do lengthening and widening surgeries in stages but some do it at one go. In overweight or obese patients, liposuction may be done to remove the fat from the base of the penis.

If you firmly believe that your penis is small consult a surgeon, but most likely it will be normal sized organ. If you still undergo the knife there is a high possibility that you won’t be satisfied with the result. And most important of all the surgery will make a big hole in your pocket.

Risks of penis enlargement surgery

These surgeries are not approved by any major medical organization. According to the American Urological Association the surgeries have not been proven safe or effective.

Most men after lengthening procedures are not satisfied with the results.

Complications of the surgery include scarring, infections, loss of a normal erection angle, decrease in sensation, impotence and even a shorter penis due to formation of scar tissue.

The most effective and a doctor-approved penis enlargement for obese people is—- weight loss. It is cheap, effective and risk free. In obese people the penis size is normal but it looks shorter as it is buried in fat. Weight loss can help your penis look bigger and longer.


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