How to improve your sex life


Not happy in the bedroom? You aren’t the only one. According to the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey, only 44 percent of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives. Follow these tips to make sex better!

Be comfortable naked.

None of us are perfect. For the best sex, however, we should like how we look naked. Most women suffer from issues with negative body image. Boost your body confidence by eating right, exercising regularly and learning to love your body. Stand in front of the mirror naked and find something to like, no matter if it’s your shoulders or your butt. Write it down and say it out loud to yourself. Ask your partner what parts he likes best and add them to your affirmation list. Before you know it, you’ll be loving your naked body.

Get a massage.

If you are stressed out and often not in the mood, draw yourself a bath and have a glass of wine. When you get out, ask your partner for a sensual massage. A head-to-toe massage is a fantastic precursor to sex. Releasing tension will improve your energy and blood flow.

Pleasure yourself.

Having trouble orgasming? Get in touch with your body by touching your erogenous zones. No matter what your mom says, masturbation has never made anyone go blind. Pleasure yourself with your hand, a dildo or a vibrator to learn what you like. And don’t be afraid to masturbate in front of your man. He’ll love it!

Bring a vibrator to bed.

Some women just physically can’t have an orgasm from vaginal sex alone, and fingers or a tongue might not work fast enough for others. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to bring a personal massager into your bedroom. Some men think there’s something wrong (with him or her) if a women wants a vibrator in the bedroom, but using a vibrator together can be very pleasurable. Think of sex toys as a bonus, not as a substitute for your man. The Durex Play Vibrations Connect offers shared pleasure. You’ll both enjoy the good vibrations.

Tell him what you want.

Whether you leave a note in his briefcase or whisper in his ear when you are under the covers, it’s important that your partner knows what you want. No matter if it’s something simple like more foreplay or an elaborate sexual fantasy, tell him in a positive way. Don’t nag or dwell on what’s been missing. Instead, praise what he’s been doing right and then say, “You know what would really turn me on…”.

Get wet.

Vaginal dryness is a problem for many women. It can make sexual intercourse irritating or downright painful. Get wet with one of the lubricants made especially for women. Durex offers a variety of lubricants including Play Utopia (female arousal gel) and Play Tingling (lubricant and massage lotion).

Try a new position.

If the missionary position has become the only position in your household, it’s time to mix things up. For starters, get on top; it provides a great visual for him, and you can control the motion. Doggie style is also a fabulous choice because he can thrust deeper inside you and hit your G-spot more easily. Plus, his hands are free to roam your body.

Give him a ring.

If you find he’s finishing way before you, a cock ring may be the answer. A cock ring will keep him harder for longer, giving you time to reach orgasm. You can find them at most online and brick-and-mortar sex shops.

Have an oral-only night.

If you love oral sex and aren’t getting enough of it, make intercourse off limits for the night and pleasure each other through oral stimulation only. Be willing to give as much as you receive.


If you aren’t sure what’s missing from your sex life, be willing to experiment. Let go of your inhibitions and talk to your partner about everything from light bondage to a ménage à trois. Find out what interests you both, and then start experimenting. Even just talking about the possibilities can be a big turn-on.


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