How Is Sexual Dysfunction Treated?


Sexual dysfunction in men and women can be treated in a number of ways now-a-days. The underlying physical causes as well as emotional difficulties related to sexual dysfunction can be treated with a host of therapies available. The types of male sexual dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and inhibited sexual desire.

Your doctor will recommend a treatment for your condition after diagnosing the condition. The treatment of these sexual dysfunctions in men can be –

Advice for Lifestyle Changes – At times, all that is needed for getting rid of your sexual dysfunction is making some positive lifestyle choices. Reducing the intake of alcohol and number of smokes a day, avoiding drug abuse or giving these up altogether would go a long way in treating your dysfunction. These have an adverse effect on potency. Moreover, men also need to watch out for the side-effects of medication for taken for a condition unrelated to erectile problems. Reducing the dosage of such drugs or choosing an alternative drug may be needed. The other drug should not have the same side-effect but it should have same properties for treatment of your condition.
Medical treatment – Treatment of the physical problem that has led to the sexual dysfunction.
Medications – Certain medications help to improve the sexual function by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. You can opt for conventional treatment or herbal supplements for improving the sexual function. Herbal supplements would have less or no side-effects. Make sure that they are really herbal and not merely marketed in that fashion.
Surgery – In case of severe blood vessel disorder, men may need to undergo surgery.
Hormone transplant – Low level of testosterone is often the cause of impotency. Affected men can undergo hormone replacement therapy to supplement their deficiency.
Psychological Therapy – A counsellor trained in relieving people from their anxieties, guilt or fear can help those men whose sexual function has been inhibited due to emotional causes.
Open Communication – Men can educate themselves on sex, sexual behaviours and related responses to get the better of their anxiety of sexual performance. Open communication with your partner about your fears and needs will also remove the impediments to your sex life.

The first line of treatment for sexual dysfunction should always be lifestyle changes, followed by herbal supplements or even naturopathic remedies. In case you do not find a cure with these, consider other options.


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