How can Kamasutra Improve your Love Life


Kamasutra can be called a treatise on men and women, their partnership and their connection with each other. Often, kamasutra is only associated with sex, but it is more than that. The ancient guide on art of lovemaking also teaches men and women on how to have a happy marriage and sustain it. The lovemaking compendium is not intended to be used solely for satisfying human desires.

Kamasutra Positions

We have picked some of the Kamasutra positions from this ancient compilation to help you better the intimacy level that you share with your partner.

The Swimmer Position:

A woman lie on her stomach with her legs apart. Her arms will be up above her head like a swimmer doing a butterfly stroke. The man lay on top of her. For a tighter fit, woman can bring her feet closer.

The Gymnast Position:

As its name suggests, the position demands acrobatic abilities. The woman lay on her back, bend her knees up toward head while the man kneels to embrace her and hold onto her hips for support.

The Wrestler Position:

In the amorous act, the couple lay on their sides facing each other. The woman scissor her legs through his. Thereafter, the woman tries grinding against his pelvis in a slow, circular motion.

The Weightlifter Position:

In this standing position, the woman bend over near a wall with her hands placed on the wall for additional support. The man embraces her from behind and initiates the act of lovemaking with the foreplay. The woman can move her back closer and further away from a man chest, to help him in the pursuit of love

The Diver Position:

The act begins in the traditional cowgirl position. The woman turns to man’s right in the act in such a way that his arms are behind her on the left side of his body. The trick is timing the rotation, which stimulates couple.

The Star Position

The woman lies on her back with one leg bent up while her other leg lay flat on the ground in the act. The man sits between her legs and pushes his leg under her to lift her hip and begin the episode of love

The Lotus Blossom:

Position In the act, the man sits cross-legged and the woman sits on him with her legs wrapped around his waist. The man helps his partner move her hips with his hands for a pleasure-filled pursuit.

You may not have enough tricks at your disposal to improve love life. In that situation, turning to Kamasutra is one of the best ideas. The aforementioned Kamasutra positions not only improves sex life but makes body fit and energise the mind making one feel sexier.


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