Home remedies to increase sexual strength


Home remedies to increase sexual strength

If your sex life has become boring, then you must try these easy home remedies to increase sex power. These easy home remedies to increase sex power , will make your sex life exciting again:-

Garlic is considered very useful in increasing sex power and removing sexual weakness. Eating two -three cloves of garlic daily increases sex power.

For weakness of sex should consume onions. For this 6 ml mix onion juice, and 3 grams ghee and 2.5 teaspoon honey together and drink milk mixed with sugar from above every morning and evening. By doing this experiment for 2-3 months, there is an increase in semen and ‘increases sex power‘.

Eating blackberry (Jamun) twice a day is also very beneficial.

Drinking 200 ml cow’s milk mixed with a spoonful of honey ends the deficiency of semen.

Boil 15 grams of White Pastel (safed musli) root in 1 cup of milk and take it twice a day. Its regular consumption gets rid of impotence and premature ejaculation.

To increase libido cut 150 grams of carrot and mix half-boiled egg and one spoon of honey and consume it once a day for two months. (Read More)

In the winter season, roast two-three dates in melted butter and eat regularly in the morning.

Taking one gram nutmeg powder with fresh water in the morning for increases sex power.

To increase sex power, consume 100 grams of dates daily.

Consuming crushed dates, and almonds, and pistachios and seeds of bael fruit in equal quantity, also ends sexual weakness.

Wash some raisins thoroughly with water and boil them in milk. Due to this they will swell up and become sweet. Drink milk after eating them.

Drinking a glass of tomato juice and mixed with a little honey in the morning breakfast increases the strength of the body.

Boil 1 teaspoon chopped coriander leaves in a cup of water covered for 15 minutes. After that filter it and take 3-4 spoons once a day.

First of all fry 50 grams urad dal in ghee. Then cook it well in 300 ml milk and prepare it like a kheer by mixing sugar, almonds, and dry grapes etc. Its regular consumption increases sexual power and semen also increases.

Crush two ripe bananas and mix 10-12 ml of green gooseberry juice and honey and consume it in the morning and evening.

Eat two to four dried figs cooked in milk in the morning and evening and drink milk from above.

Mix 50 grams basil seeds and 50 grams sugar candy and keep it. Take 10 grams this powder with cow’s milk in the morning. This makes the semen thick. Take this medicine for 40 days, but abstain from sex during that time.

Take half teaspoon cardamom powder and roasted asafetida with ghee and milk.

Taking 2 grams Ashwagandha powder with sugar candy and ghee every morning and evening and drinking milk from above increases sex power.



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