Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence

  • Chewing a few cloves of raw
    garlic daily as a natural aphrodisiac. While this may not be the most
    stimulating scent to a partner, garlic does renew sexual vitality in men.
  • Black raisins boiled in milk
    and then rinsed can be consumed, as can the milk they were boiled in, to
    help restore vitality.
  • White onions are very
    effective in increasing a male’s libido.
  • A combination of dried dates,
    quince seeds, pistachios and almonds can be grounded and mixed as a daily
    food to help increase the male sex drive.
  • Ladyfingers ground with
    mishri and consumed in milk is among the oldest home remedies for sexual
  • Carrots dipped in honey and
    eaten with a half-boiled egg daily for up to two months also helps increase
    the male sex drive.
  • Ginger juice substituted for
    carrots (above) achieves the same results.

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