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There are a lot of ways to satisfy a woman in bed, but if you are tired of trying the same old things over and over again, here is something you can try to give her an orgasm like never before – the G-spot orgasm. Here’s how to find it and stimulate it to give your woman an orgasm she will love and want more of.

How to find the G-spot?

The G-spot does exists and, in fact, it is the one spot that can give your woman an intense orgasm. Located about one to two inches inside the vagina, on its wall, the G-spot is a spongy pea sized spot that can be discerned by touching. Located on the front wall of the vagina, you can reach and touch it by feeling the part of the wall that is just below her belly when she lies down on her back.

The G-spot is a spongy tissue that feels a little rough as compared to the rest of the area and swells up as she becomes more aroused, due to the increase in blood supply to the area. You may also like to read about these 4 simple tips to make your woman orgasm.

How to stimulate it the right way

It is essential that your woman is sufficiently aroused before you try this, as you will need lubrication to push your finger(s) into her vagina. So, start with some foreplay and set the mood.

Then when she is sufficiently aroused, have her lie down on her back and spread her legs. Get in-between her legs and first stimulate her clitoris with your fingers or even tongue and mouth. Once she is lubricated enough, insert one finger into her vagina, till your knuckles and gently feel around for that spongy bump. Here’s everything you need to know about performing oral sex on your woman.

Once you find it, move the top part of your finger in a motion you’d use to call someone — also known as the come hither motion. Be gentle in the beginning and keep an eye out for her reactions; see if she likes what you are doing.

Once things have heated up enough, pull that finger out and then use two fingers. When using two fingers make sure are stimulating the G-spot enough and keep the momentum going. As she inches closer to an orgasm, you may have to press a little harder. When she is about to have an orgasm, her G-spot will swell up — which is a good indicator that you are headed in the right direction.

Tip #1: If you find it difficult to find the G-spot initially, a handy tip is to use your other hand to press gently down on her pubis (the little mound at the top of her vulva).

Tip #2: The G-spot corresponds to the paraurethral gland (the gland that is placed near the tube that bring urine from her bladder to the outside of her body). Therefore when the G-spot is stimulated, she may feel like she wants to pee. So talk to her about this before you start, and ask her to relax, and allow the sensation to take over. Incidentally, a woman cannot pee during G-spot stimulation, but she can ejaculate a clear, odourless fluid.


• Cut your nails — you don’t want to hurt her when you are in there.

• Arouse her so that there is enough lubrication for you to insert your fingers into her vagina.

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