Generic drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)


Erectile dysfunction is a serious disease defeating one of the most important male organs. In connection with development of this disease a man cannot have erection which is enough for sexual intercourse. Nowadays this disease develops quickly as fast tempo of life and increase of factors affecting the development of this disease complicate the process of treatment and prevention of appearance of impotence. To prevent the development of erectile dysfunction is almost impossible. This fact explains by steady growth of prevalence of ED risk factors among which the leading part is taken by pancreatic diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases.

However many factors which are able to cause this disease are also marked. This can be numerous stresses, physical activities, fatigue, nervous breakdown, alcohol, narcotic drugs, chronic diseases, pancreatic diabetes, high blood pressure and even numerous medications. Erectile dysfunction is the most popular disorders in men. But more often this disease is caused by psychological reasons. It is mental stress that can be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

The majority of men have faced erectile dysfunction because of various reasons.However if this occurs only once and the cause is understandable (stress, fatigue) and so there is no need to worry. But if you notice constant erectile dysfunctions, turn to doctor and have an examination.

Now the treatment of erectile dysfunction is quick due to comprehensive drugs. Besides treatment you can use the medications from the group of ED for rapid improvement of erection. Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are more often used. These drugs help to restore erection for some period of time and allow having sexual intercourse.
These drugs are effective and safe and they are available for many people. However Generics are also used along with them.

Generic drug is identical to original brands but the difference is in price. Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis and Generic Levitra are freely spread and they can be bought easily. Due to their low prices a lot of men can afford to buy these drugs to restore their erection. Generics act similarly, have the same properties and even formula but due to saving of drugs promotion without any studies, the manufacturers have reduced the price. Generics may sometimes differ by taste or color of the tablet which is made for pleasant usage of the drug. Due to Generic forms of the famous brands every man can easily and quickly get rid of problems with erection.


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