Five Mistakes Women Make In Bed


Five Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Every woman wants her married life to be full of adventure, but husband should work hard for it, he does not have to work hard on his behalf. In this affair, their sex life is also affected and their own feelings are also not fulfilled.

Know it what are the mistakes that women make during sex and due to which their sex life can be badly affected. If you also do these mistakes then rectify them today.

Husband should take the initiative

Often women do not take the initiative thinking that this is the work of their partner. They think that what they want in sex, their partner should understand themselves and they do not speak their heart, but this thinking is absolutely wrong. How will they understand unless you tell me what you want? So it is better that you tell them openly about your desire. If you’re ashamed of it, explain it to them in tact and gestures.

They don’t understand your heart

Often men are in a hurry for sex and women want something else. Men do not spend much time in foreplay, whereas foreplay is necessary for women. If your partner doesn’t know this, tell them how enjoyable foreplay is for you before sex. Try something new during foreplay and ask them to do the same. Once they understand your need, they will definitely try to fulfill your every desire and your sex life will become even more enjoyable.

Feeling inferiority about your body (forself)

Women do not believe this, but it is true that they suffer from inferiority complex about their body and during sex try their best that their partner cannot see these parts of them and because of this they get many sometimes there is also irritation. If you think the same way and want to be sure that your body is perfect, ask them openly if I feel insecure about my organs. Do you find these attractive?

Always saying no – no for sex

In the matter of sex, this has happened to us in the past as well. Men will go on gasping and women will go on screaming. But it is not always right to do this for sex, but sometimes it should be the opposite. The initiation of sex should also be from your side and special preparation should be done from your side for that evening, so that the evening becomes special.

Behavior with partner after sex

Often women are very shameless after sex… Children have grown so much, but your habits have not changed… They spoil the mood of their partner by saying such nonsense, but it is not right to do so. Keep in mind that sex is an important part of life and also important for a healthy and enjoyable life.


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