First time sex after pregnancy — Tips to keep in mind


Yes, sex takes a backseat after childbirth due to low sex drive, medical reasons and sleep deprivation. Sex might be the last thing on your mind but you can eventually get back to the business. Wait for six weeks till you are doing it again but prepare yourself to face some challenges. That being said, there is no reason for you to be afraid, these tips by gynaecologist Dr Poonam Agarwal will help you feel more confident before you hit the sack with your partner for the first time after birth.

Things to expect

It could hurt: Some experience no pain at all during sex but it is likely that you may experience some pain and discomfort. Do not have sex if you are still bleeding as this could mean that you are still not healed. Here’s all you need to know about postpartum bleeding.

Tip– Remember that that the pain is normal and just let it pass.

You could be sensitive: If you have had a vaginal childbirth, some sex positions that you once loved may seem irksome now and others that you disliked could be your favourites.
Tip– Do not hesitate to try out new sex positions. Think of it in a way that you are exploring things for the first time. We bet it could be super fun and exciting.

No libido: Breastfeeding can mess up with your libido. The hormone prolactin that aids in producing milk for your baby acts as a libido killer. Breastfeeding can also lower your oestrogen levels which can reduce your sex drive and dry out your vagina.

Tip– So when you are having sex for the first time after birth, ensure that you use a lubricant. It will be helpful if your partner gets crazy with the foreplay so that your mood is set. These tips will also help you get into the mood.

Sex positions to try

Wondering how to have sex after having a baby? Sex positions that can be easy and pain-free.

Missionary: Missionary can be one of the best positions after you have had a baby. This tried and tested position will allow you to ease into things and if you have had a C-section, there will be no pressure on your abdomen.

Spooning: Cuddling in the spooning position can be excellent if you have had a C-section as it will keep the pressure off the C-section scar. Plus, you will be able to control the depth and penetration and be sure that it won’t hurt.

Woman on top: Woman on top can be perfect after childbirth as you will be in a position to take things in control.

Sex position to avoid
Doggy: If you are just starting out again after giving birth avoid the doggy style. It can put a lot of pressure on the perineum and could also get difficult for you to control the depth and speed.

Real women talk about sex after pregnancy

Sangeeta says, ‘I did not deliver vaginally and sex did hurt. I had some pain when I had sex the first time after C-section.’

I would say take it slow. It’s okay if you just want to stick to a foreplay for a few sessions to warm up to the idea again’, says Aarti.

‘I was embarrassed about my C-section scars for the first few months so I did not want to hurry into sex’ says Pratima.

Tasnim has a good piece of advice for you. ‘It took a lot for me to get in the mood before I could have sex. I would constantly be worried about my baby crying and needing me. My baby had to be taken care of by my parents so that I could relax and had some fun time’.

Here’s a positive note from Janet which will set your fears away. She says, ‘It took a while to get the groove back but after delivery I am more in tune with my body. I enjoy sex more than before and honestly; it feels much better than before.’ You must know these facts about sex after pregnancy.


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