Feeling romantic? Here’s a great Kamasutra sex position you should try


If you and your partner are in the mood to have some hot, passionate and romantic sex, but are tired of the staid missionary position, then this great sex position is something you should try. Not only is it extremely romantic (with the two of your entwined in each other’s arms), but it can also be extremely hot and sensual since it has both of you looking at each other as you are in throes of passion. Yes, we are talking about the side-by-side spooning position.

What is it and how does it help?

The side-by-side spooning position is perfect for those times when you both are feeling extremely romantic and is somewhat like cuddling up to each other. Similar to the spooning position, this sex position has the two of you facing each other as your man penetrates you. Also, this position is extremely easy to transition from if you feel you want to make the entire session a lot hotter.

How it works?

Lie on your side and have your man lie down facing you. Now raise the leg that is on the outside, and have your man move his body closer and penetrate you. He can push his leg forward to help intensify that thrusting motion. You can also wrap your leg over his buttocks and back. To add to the zing of this position your partner can stroke your back or fondle your breasts as he thrusts. But make sure you move too as it will help make things deliciously pleasurable


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