Erectile Dysfunction Treatment & Natural Herbal Remedies


Erectile dysfunction or malfunction involves the improper functioning of male reproductive organ as a result of which the male organ or penis is unable to secure erection during the performance of sexual act. Erection which is enabled by a spurt of blood flow into the penis is the combined interplay of hormonal and neurological stimulations. Owing to hormonal insufficiency, deficiency of potassium, diabetes, cardiac ailments and psychological factors; erectile dysfunction may occur. Erectile dysfunction leading to male impotency may well develop as side effect of drugs such as anti depressants.

Cure for erectile Dysfunction – Home Remedies & Natural Treatment

Often psychological in origin; the physiological condition of erectile dysfunction may be cured with medication after making a thorough diagnoses of the cause of its origin. But certain home based remedies may also help tide over the given situation, especially where it is triggered by factors of anxiety and tension.

  • Proper physical exercise followed by relaxation is necessary to ensure thorough circulation of blood. Both physical and mental fatigue should be got over with requisite relaxation techniques such as massaging and deep breathing so that long spells of stress and fatigue may be put to rest. Sleep in sufficient amount is also mandatory to make for soothing of the nervous system.
  • However exercising just before sexual performance should be avoided.
  • Amongst the natural herbs, roots and fruits; garlic being the storehouse of beneficial properties helps with its antioxidants in enhancing erection. Two to three cloves of garlic before consuming food proves to be an effective remedial option.
  • Similarly dried fruits with its positive sodium and potassium balance can help recuperate situations where the given dysfunction is the result of potassium deficiency. Dried dates in addition to that of pistachio, raisins and almonds may be snacked on to ensure the concerned remedy. They prove to be equally energizing.
  • Consumption of black currants boiled in milk or had along with a glass of milk adds to potency. Due to its invigorating content it proves to be a healthy option at bedtime.
  • Salads consisting of onions and raw carrots also add to stamina.
  • Regular intake of milk along with two table spoons of grated carrot is another healthy option.
  • Mixture of equal measures of powdered walnut and honey proves to be an effective decoction to tide over erectile problems. Taking the spoonful of the mixture thrice a day followed by a cup of milk proves to be an effectively natural means of treatment.
  • A diet rich in fiber content is also one of the mandatory requirements to counter problems related to erectile malfunction. Stress should be given to include food rich in Vitamin A and Zinc. Fiber by facilitating bowel movement and making for the release of toxins ensures a healthy circulation of blood –one of the requirements of erection.Flaxseed oil with its enriched content of zinc may be included as a cooking medium.
  • Onion soup or broth obtained after boiling cut onions in a medium sized pan filled with water is another effective option. However in cases of digestive and cardiovascular problems, the mentioned remedy is not appropriate.
  • Medicinal herbs by the names of ‘Gynko’ and ‘Aswagandha’ are effective in adding to stamina and potency. They can either be taken in forms of tincture or as tonics.
  • Ladies fingers play effective role in adding to masculine vigor and facilitating erection. Apart from having it as vegetable; it can be taken in the form of powdered herb.
  • An immensely beneficial herb by the name of ‘goat weed’ serves to add to stamina and proper erection by making way for nitric oxide based reaction, which in turn adds to the flow of blood in the penile tissues.
  • Another herbal tonic by the name of ‘L Arginine’ can be similarly effective.
  • A diet rich in carbohydrate, smoking and unlimited consumption of alcoholic beverages enhance the problems of erectile dysfunction. Hence they should be avoided.
  • Often anxiety giving way to psychological pressures results in erectile dysfunction. It is imperative that you share the internally harbored feelings of anxiety and stress before venturing into sexual act.

Certain meditational or ‘yogic’ postures also help to counter the problem related to ‘ED’. Besides leading a stress free and a healthy sexual life; one needs to ascertain the underlying reason leading to erectile dysfunction. But the above mentioned natural ways can be tried along with simultaneous medical and psychological counseling which also plays an effective role in correcting this dysfunction


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