Erectile Dysfunction: Nuts To Cure You

There are a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men who suffer from this problem usually turn to medications which they think might help them perform better in the bedroom. However, there are ways in which you can improve your manhood problem by simply following a nutty diet. To treat this erectile dysfunction, there are two kinds of nuts which will help you to a great extent. Almonds and pistachios are two very special nuts which have proved to be very efficient for treating erectile dysfunction.

The almond nut has been praised throughout centuries for its high nutritional values. It is believed that during the Roman rule, newly wed couples were given a lot of almonds to eat on their first night as it helped with erectile dysfunction. Soaked almonds, dry almonds or almond milk are to be eaten by those who are suffering with this problem. It is also safe for men who do not have this problem to include almonds and pistachios in their diet. Let us tell you why almonds and pistachios are considered to be the very best nuts for erectile dysfunction. Almonds are high in proteins which is good for men to consume in their daily diet. Consuming a handful of almonds will help get rid of the problem naturally. Almonds have a lot of energy. Therefore, eating a handful of soaked almonds will do wonders before you go to bed. It will provide you with a lot of energy, thus treats erectile dysfunction. It is pistachios which have fertility powers. If you are having a problem to make your lady conceive, pistachios is your medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. The reason why pistachios is good in treating erectile dysfunction is because this nut is rich in zinc, manganese and copper. The three minerals have an antioxidant enzyme called as SOD which is essential for sexual potency. If you eat a handful of almonds or pistachios, it will increase your sperm quality. There are a lot of men who have a problem with sperm count too. Therefore, these two nuts is the best medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. You are now aware that almonds for erection is just as good as pistachios. If you are having erectile dysfunction, these are the two nuts men should add to their daily diet.

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