Easy Tips To Avoid Feeling Pain During Sex


It is that little burning sensation, that tightness, or sometimes that pain we feel during sex. And it actually occurs to more than 50% of women throughout the world*. So, no need to call Doctor, there is nothing wrong with you. Sexologists say that most of the time, discomfort during sex is totally normal in the sexual life of a woman.

A normal part of sex but that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with it! If you thought that feeling discomfort or pain during sex was yet another of the many burdens a woman has to carry for life -and you’d be part of a majority of women.

First, why do we feel discomfort or pain during sex?

Most of the time, discomfort or pain comes from one fact: the vagina is not moist enough. Lubrication is a natural phenomenon that prepares the vagina for penetration, and when this process is not working properly, the penetration movement rubs on the dry mucus, and that will cause itchiness or pain. So why would your body NOT do its job? Two kind of causes: physiological and psychologic/environmental.

For the physiological causes, these can be a hormonal unbalance, irritations or infections. If you feel that these might be the causes, you should absolutely talk to your gynecologist. Common infections like yeast infection can be very rapidly settled with medication, but it is always good to check with your doctor.

The main psychological and environmental causes that shined through our research are**:

– Stress
– Dehydration
– Hormones imbalance
– Lack of foreplay

The usual suspects. So, here it is: having trouble to lubricate is in most cases a very normal thing, just as not being hungry when we are stressed or having a dry skin when we don’t hydrate enough. Good news for those who thought their body was not “normal”.

Cheer up, the help is here.

If you feel that this is your case, it means your body is just asking for a little help, and the help is here: foreplay and intimate lubricants.

Foreplay is THE basis for smooth (and fun!) sex. It is the moment where our body gets prepared to the penetration, but also the moment our mind relaxes, where endorphins start to be released as well as positive emotions. We are getting into the mood. By stimulating erogenous zones, your vagina will know what is going-on and will start lubricating. The magic of the body!

And actually, intimate lubes are a great way to make foreplay more fun (hint: using fingers, yours or your partner’s), and will add extra glide if your vagina is having a lazy day.

If you ask us what we love most about lubricants, it is that they make us feel more confident and relaxed, which actually helps the body to lubricate more efficiently. Beautiful virtuous circle!

Lubricants, if well chosen, are here to support us when we need that extra glide in bed. They can be used anytime, for all occasions, be it for a penetration or for fun foreplay (and yes, you can find edible lubes!). They are the perfect accessory for your bedside table, to be used alone or with a partner.



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