Changes in Men Sex Life Due to Aging


Primarily because of a fall in testosterone, men will experience changes in their sexual function as they age. These changes comprise:

  • Fewer sperm are produced
  • Erections take longer to take place
  • Erections may not be as firm
  • The ‘recovery time’ (time between erections) increases to 12 to 24 hours
  • The force of ejaculation reduces
  • Sexual desire decreases are because of emotional reasons or health issues

Decreased Testosterone

As a man ages, his testosterone levels diminishes. Typically this decline in testosterone stabilizes around age 60. Testosterone decrease is the main reason for many of the conditions listed above. Testosterone replacement therapy is becoming popular for addressing concerns of aging men. This type of hormone treatment is contentious and should be approached with care. Increasing muscle mass through exercise and correct nutrition can assist keep up a healthy testosterone level.

Cardiovascular Disease, High Blood Pressure and Male Sexual Health

These health conditions change how the blood flows in the body. When the arteries become narrower and harder, blood does not flow as freely. This can be wearisome for men trying to attain an erection, as erections rely on the capability of blood to fill the penis. Controlling high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases through lifestyle change and medication can get better sexual performance.

Diabetes and Male Sexual Health

Many men with diabetes have normal sexual lives. However, diabetes can cause impotence, the inability to have sex. Men with diabetes are just about three times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men with no diabetes. They also experience this condition just about 15 years earlier than men with no diabetes. If you are down with diabetes and are having problem keeping up an erection, speak to your doctor. Many medications can assist.

Pain and Male Sexual Health

Many health conditions for example arthritis, back pain and shingles can interfere with sex by causing pain that may make sex uncomfortable. These conditions also can change your mood, sleep habits and attitudes. Experimenting with different sexual positions and techniques can assist. You can also speak with your doctor about managing pain.

Incontinency and Male Sexual Health

Incontinency is the loss of bladder control which can cause urine leak. This condition becomes more common as people age. Often leakage takes place throughout exercise, laughing or coughing. During sex, extra pressure is put on your bladder. Men with an incontinence condition may be frightened to have sex. By controlling incontinence through medical or behavioral approaches, the chance of leakage throughout sex can be very much decreased.

Medications and Male Sexual Health

Some of the medications prescribed to treat common age related health conditions can meddle with sex. Some blood pressure medicines, antidepressants and diabetes drugs can make it more complicated for men to keep up an erection. These medications can also decrease sexual desire. You may be capable to make use of alternative medications if you experience these side effects. Speak to your doctor.

Prostatectomy: Prostate Surgery

A prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that removes some or all of a man’s prostate. This is frequently done to treat prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate. A consequence of this surgery can be incontinence or impotence. Before undergoing a prostatectomy, be certain to speak to your doctor about any concerns you have about your sex life.

The Bottom Line

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