Causes of female sex problems


sexual problems were reported in 43 percent of women surveyed — which means you’re not alone! From pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness to difficulty achieving an orgasm, learn more about the three most common sex issues for women.

1.Lack of sexual desire

Physical, medical and emotional issues can dampen your sexual desire. Relationship problems, issues of control and even forms of abuse can crush your libido. Depression, anxiety, stress, resentment or guilt can also throw a wrench in your sexual desire. Most commonly, fatigue, medications and attitudes towards sex have the most influence when it comes to your interest in making whoopee.

However, lack of desire lasting for more than a few weeks warrants a trip to your MD, or seeking help from a medical healthcare professional like a therapist or psychiatrist, which can help pinpoint the cause of your loss of interest in sex.

2.Pain during intercourse

A variety of pelvic disorders and sexually transmitted diseases can cause pain during intercourse, making the thought of hitting the sheets far from desirable. Vaginal dryness is the most common reason for discomfort during sex for women young and old alike. However, vaginismus, a painful spasm of the vaginal opening muscles, can also be the culprit, due to trauma or scarring.

When sex suddenly becomes painful, you may have an infection or condition, so seek medical attention right away.

3.Difficulty achieving an orgasm

Reaching the Big O is not a feat all women can accomplish. However, insufficient stimulation, insufficient knowledge about how your body can be sexually stimulated and poor communication between you and your partner can all set up roadblocks between you and that orgasm. In addition, nerve damage after surgery can also decrease sensation during intercourse.

Over time, frustration about the inability to achieve an orgasm may develop into a lack of desire in sex. When you notice distress about your sexual challenges or loss of interest in sex, talk to your practitioner about possible physical causes that may be contributing to your difficulty reaching a sexual climax.

Although not all sexual problems, such as vaginal dryness, are cause for alarm, talking with your doctor or mental health care provider can help you determine whether medical care is needed. “When patients come in to see me, they usually have a specific objective and many times they can’t wait to say what is on their mind once the exam-room door shuts, But even if you aren’t comfortable, Dr. Douglas encourages you to open up about your concerns. These three common female sex problems, including the inability to achieve an orgasm, may be an indication of other issues you may need to address — and your health may depend on it.


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