Careful! Before taking the medicine to increase Low libido


Be careful if you take medicine to increase libido. Yes, the research has found that the libido-boosting pill Viagra if not taken in the right way can cause many problems.

According to research, if Viagra is taken with another drug in the body so that the person may be numb. Indeed, with the second drug Viagra is a disease of the serotonin syndrome.

What harm

The Daily Mail published reports, doctors are warning that the “Sekstesi ‘two drug trends are moving together. While it can be dangerous to life.

With two drug taking is enough substance in the body called serotonin, which is a considerable amount that can lead to coma. After age 30 the risk is higher for those taking Viagra.

What Doctors Say

The Valentine’s 25 percent sales of drugs such as Viagra is well mixed with the people taking Viagra. According to scientists at the University of South Wales in Sydney, due to nightclubs people ‘Sekstesi’ growing trend.

Doctors ‘Sekstesi’ trend values ​​are flourishing due to pornography. While some doctors prescribe to increase libido are natural things.

Why the loss of two drug

Research shows that taking Viagra with a second drug release serotonin, a hormone in the body that is gather as much Happy Confusion, disorientation, confusion, tremors like the looks of things.

If you’re the problem, reducing the number of serious cases heartbeat, or as the case may lead to coma.

Of course, Viagra became the first years, but older people tend to use it more. But Viagra is used properly, it causes no harm.

What Sekstesi

Doctors say that because of concern that youth style and fashion take drugs. Once a drug with a narcotic drug as well as they can suffer the consequences.

According to doctors not to take drugs in the wrong way, but it just makes a difference on mental health is worse for the body.

Anyway, thanks to young Sekstesi trend nowadays party drugs like Viagra to take. So many youth are mixing Viagra with alcohol cocaine. Doing so can have negative effects on the body are the longest.

And what are the risks

These drugs may increase the blood flow, which increases blood pressure is likely to increase, which can lead to heart attacks.

According to Volker Dolmrlin sexologist, should avoid taking Viagra with nitrates, it can lead to death, as well as it could have negative effects on the brain.

Saikoseksual Kounsli Raymond said, in a month, around 32 years to treat 15 men who rely on Viagra and want to improve their sexual performance.


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