Can Sexual Problems Be Cured?


Sexual problems can be cured but the success of treatment entirely depends on their underlying cause. Initially, when sexual problems got attention of clinicians they were believed to cause due to masturbation in childhood and excess sex in adulthood. Therefore, the treatment was given for the same. However, today the focus of treatment has shifted to restore sexual pleasure and sexual function.

Sexual problem that is related to reversible or treatable condition is more likely to cure successfully. For instance, mild dysfunction that has stemmed out due to stress and anxiety can be effectively treated with counselling and improved communication between the partners. Similarly other types of sexual problems can also be treated by dealing with underlying physical or psychological problems. Treatment strategies for sexual problems include:

Treatment of Sexual Problems

Drug therapy:

If the problem is due to hormonal deficiency then hormonal pills, creams and shots can be given to the person. Such medications are easily available over-the-counter but it is always wise to consult doctor before taking them. Drugs including sildenafil (Viagra) improve sexual function in men, it works by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Cure by communication:

Communication and education about sexual behaviour and responses can help the person to overcome the associated anxieties and stress. Open communication with partner and counsellors can help to overcome many sexual problems.


Psychotherapy helps to encounter feeling of anxiety, guilt, fear that results in lack of desire. Psychotherapist discusses relationship problem and may ask patient to maintain diary of their erotic thoughts and develop sexual fantasy.

Behavioural treatment:

It is use to deal with problems related to arousal and orgasm. For instance, self-stimulation is an effective behavioural treatment for sexual problem.

Other methods

Certain sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction are caused due to mix of psychological and physiological causes. Its physical cause can be diabetes or side effect of certain medications. While the psychological cause of erectile failure can be performance anxiety. Here the treatment of sexual problem will include psychotherapy to deal with anxiety and medications to take care of the underlying physical ailment.
Mechanical aids such as penile implants and vacuum devices are use to cure erectile dysfunction.
For some sexual problems (such as premature ejaculation) where the real cause of problem is not known. In such cases, behavioural training with partner helps the person. For example in case of premature ejaculation partner can help the person to withstand stimulation for longer period.


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