Bring heat to your boring sex life and live a happy life


Bring Heat to Your Boring Sex Life and Live a Happy Life

The desire for career and making more money has made couples so busy in work these days that they do not have time even for their personal life. Most of the couples working in call centers and multinational companies are able to meet only on weekends. In such a situation, their sex life is bound to be affected. Read the effect of long working hours on intercourse and ways to remove them

The practice of increasing working hours in the private sector is having a negative impact not only on health but also on sex life. It has also been declared in a survey that 1 in 5 workers who work long hours end’s their sex life. Due to long working hours, the sex life of couples is getting affected badly in our country too. Working long hours can have the following effects on sex life:

I – Lack of time for the beautiful moments of love.

II – Keeping distance by not showing interest in sex due to fatigue.

III – Inability to feel an orgasm.

IV – Do not feel relaxed in bed.

V – Women having problems with lubrication during sex.

VI – Men have difficulty in penis erection.

VII – Not able to have intercourse due to tension.

VIII – Not being able to experiment during sex.

IX – Distance from partner due to loss of libido.

While you cannot compromise on career to get your personal life back on track, you can take some steps to balance your personal and professional life. For this you just have to do some hard work.

Be honest with your partner

What happened, if you didn’t get time to enjoy those special moments of love because of a busy work week? Your loving touch will be enough for them too. Share your feeling with your partner. This will give a feeling of being closer. If couples do not talk to each other, then the distance can increase between the couples. Therefore, even if you do not get time for sex during the weekdays, but do take time to talk to your partner. With this, each of you will be able to understand every other’s activity and you will not feel negative if the partner does not spent time.

Pay attention to your partner

Honesty is not enough to maintain the sunshine of the relationship, but it is important to take care of the partner too. To make them realize how much you love and care them. Fulfill the lack of sex life, it is necessary to pay attention to your partner.

Watch your language

Many times we start talking in the language of the office even at home, which is not right. Do not talk to your partner by mistake like with juniors in the office, as you use abusive language, it can hurt the feelings of the partner. If you want to have a healthy romantic life, then forget your office as you reach at home and talk to your partner in a sweet voice.

Forget office work during holidays

If you want to maintain the sweetness of your relationship, then give priority to your partner in weekends and holidays, take care of them, do the work of their choice, spend more and more time with them. Forgetting everything that day, just spend time each other. Not only will this relieve you of fatigue and stress, but it will also strengthen your personal relationships. Do not bring home office work on that day even by mistake. If you want no one to disturb you then switch off your mobile.

Make sex special

Every day you don’t have time for love, but whenever you get time try to make those moments special. Have a romantic dinner with your partner, send them romantic messages or try to woo them with loving words. To make sex life spicy, you can also enjoy shower together.

Different positions during intercourse

Usually busy couples follow the same sexual pattern, like in everyday life, having the same routine in sex also becomes boring and monotonous. Enjoy sex whenever you get time to make your relationship stronger.

Compliment your partner

Women love to hear their praise, so whenever you get a chance, do not miss to praise them. Small compliments from you will double their happiness.


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