Best Sex Formula for Newlywed Life ,Make strong relation


Best Sex Formula for Newly Married Life

Every newly married couple is very excited about their romantic love life and sex life. Both think that how to make sex life better, what to do so that the partner is drenched with your love and romance all the time.

Here we are telling you some such latest sex formula, which will always keep the thrill in your sex life.

Don’t make honeymoon a nightmare

 First of all remove it from your mind that you have to have sex in honeymoon, because most of the couples are so tired in the wedding rituals that they are not able to enjoy sex at all.
 It would be better if you just relax on the honeymoon and when you wake up the next morning, then make a relationship with a new passion and excitement. Surely you will enjoy this sexual activity more.
 If you want to make the honeymoon memorable, and then make such a flower of love in the room that your partner himself keeps pulling towards you.
 Romantic music, along with flower-adorned sedges, the scent of essential oils will make your love swell across the room.

Start love game with foreplay

 Foreplay is the warm-up before the sexual relationship. Loving each other in arms, kissing, hugging each other, talking naughty is foreplay.
 Don’t limit foreplay to just the bedroom. By sending naughty messages to your partner throughout the day, you can keep their mood romantic.
 While kissing, sometimes open your eyes and look at your partner. A completely lost partner looks very cute while kissing. Wants to inflict more love on him.
 Ask the partner what he likes. Which of your movements during sex does she like the most?
 Don’t expect long sessions in the beginning. Both of you are new, so initially it will take you some time to build a relationship. Do not consider it as some kind of deficiency or weakness, it happens with all couples.
 While getting lost in the act of foreplay, also see what your partner’s reaction is. Is he completely involved or is he just being forced into the act for your pleasure.

Sex formula for newlyweds

• In the initial days of marriage, the couple is always excited with each other company. The passion to be lost in each other every moment, to keep looking at each other, to keep the head in each other lap and forget the whole world is at its peak at this time.
• Start every day with ‘Good Morning Kiss’. Make sure to hug each other when you return from work in the evening. Say ‘I Love you’ whenever you are in touch or get a company each other.
• Many couples are unable to express their wishes and desires to their partner, due to which they feel a lack. Get to know your partner about their heart and talk about your wishes.
• The more romantic your sexual life, the happier your married life will be, so take care of each other. Taking care of each other deepens the love.
• The first few months of marriage are very romantic. There is a lot of enthusiasm in both to do something different and new every night, but your performance is not necessarily the best every night. Sometimes it can change- it is natural to have more or less.
• If the partner’s mood is not good someday, then try your best to persuade him, but do not get angry for him.
• Don’t focus too much on the orgasm in the beginning. Just love each other and try to keep each other happy, everything else will happen automatically.

• It is important for both of them to take care of their sexual hygiene. Always keep your private parts clean and hygienic.
• Try adventurous sex in different places apart from bedroom and bed. If you want, you can use the sofa, in the shower and the kitchen platform.
• Never go to sleep angry at night. Whatever complaints you have in your mind, say it and listen to them too. Often, many matters are resolved by just listening. Don’t let small differences overwhelm your relationship.
• Both of you should know about your partner’s sexual organs, so that both of them get the best sexual experience.
• Don’t make sex life routine. Instead of trying the same sex position every day, try something new.
• Read some good books about relationships before marriage.
• Do not pursue film dreams for honeymoon. There is a huge difference in movies and real life. If you expect things from films in real life, then you will be disappointed.
• Most men have the illusion that they know what their partner wants, when they don’t. Get out of this confusion and talk to your partner.
• Sex for women is about connecting emotionally rather than connecting physically, so connect emotionally before the partner.


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