Best Benefits of sex to improve our health and happy life


Best Benefits of sex to improve our health and happy life

Best Exercise
Did you know that sex is a form of physical exercise? Having sex burns so many calories, which improves cholesterol levels and increases blood flow. Having sex for 30 minutes burn 85 calories. Having sex regularly three times a week consumes the same number of calories as walking for a week. If sex is done regularly throughout the year, so it will be equivalent to jogging 75 miles.
Improved Immune System
Sex also acts as a therapy for our immune system. It strengthens the immune machine and improves digestion.
Long life
Having sex regularly increases lifespan. The organs and systems of the body work better, as sex stimulates various organs inside the body by increasing the supply of oxygen to the cells. On the one hand, while sex balances cholesterol, on the other hand it also reduces the amount of cholesterol. Having intercourse 3 or greater times every week reduces the chance of coronary heart attack.
Pain relief
Studies have shown that sex relieves headaches and joint pain. Levels of the hormone oxytocin rise up to five times the normal level before orgasm, triggering the release of the hormone endorphins, which relieve headaches, migraines and arthritis pain. Enjoy sex instead of taking pain medicine.
Less pain in menstruation
Women who have a pleasant sex life, they have less pain during menstruation. It also gives relief to women in the pain of pre-menstrual syndrome.
Stress Relief
Sex is the best manner to remove stress. Feeling relaxed after sex.
Increase in love
Sex not only removes the distance between husband and wife, but also communicates happiness in the mind. It is very helpful in removing the sadness of the mind. This removes irritability and the relationship gets stronger by getting the love of the partner. Couples who have better sexual relations are also able to cope with problems properly.

Energy is transmitted
Due to the secretion of hormones during sex, the mind remains calm and the flow of energy is continuous. By doing this regularly, the person remains young. This also increases the fitness level. A person feels energy inside himself throughout the day. This affects their entire routine. Sex removes all fatigue and disease can also be avoided.
Pleasant sleep
Sex releases the hormone oxytocin, due to which sleep after sex also comes so well that sleeping pills are not needed to sleep.
Complete Confidence
Sex forces a person to think positive. The feeling of satisfaction that prevails in him communicates self-confidence. Due to this, negative thoughts do not come in his mind.
Losing Weight
Sex is the most effective way to lose weight. Regular sex does not make the stomach grow and they do not shrink due to less muscle tension. It tones the muscles.
Enhances Beauty
Since hormones are secreted during sex and blood flow is smooth, it enhances beauty, and all over makes the face glow. After this there is no need to use any beauty product. During sex, a hormone called estrogen is secreted from the woman’s body, due to which her hair shines and the face starts glowing.
Healthy skin
Since the whole body is massaged in a way during sex, there are no rashes or marks on the body due to that relaxation.
Prevention of glandular cancer
Having regular sex reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer in the future.
Beneficial for Asthma/Fever
Sex is an herbal antihistamine. It opens up blocked nose and helps in curing asthma and fever.
Improves Cardiovascular
When a woman is aroused during sex, her heart and breathing rates are increase. It improves heart health.

Couples who have pleasurable sex do not cheat on each other. Their proximity prevents them from doing so.
Increased blood flow
When a man is aroused during sex, then the blood flow increases. Our organs benefit from the supply of fresh blood flowing through the body. In this way the body gets sufficient amount of oxygen.
Mood formation
Sex is such a process, which keeps the mood right, which has a good effect on the mind and increases working power.
Sense of Commitment
Sex is a medium that creates a sense of commitment between husband and wife. In those moments, there is no insecurity between the two, due to which happiness remains in their married life.


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