Best 10 Surprising Result for Health Benefits of Masturbation


Surprising Result for Health Benefits of Masturbation

According to sexologists and sex experts, masturbation is very safe and healthful for you. It is needed most for your mental and physical health.

Feel stress free

When orgasm comes, endorphins increase rapidly in the body. These are a kind of neuro transmitters, which give us happiness by awakening positive emotions in us. It is not necessary that you get an orgasm every time you masturbate, but even more important is the pleasure of the act, which releases your stress.

Prevents depression

Stress and frustration often lead to depression, but when you want to make yourself feel good, it keeps you away from depression. Many people in cities start falling prey to depression due to loneliness, so this quality time spent with yourself saves you from depression.

Increases immunity

Many health experts present it with the claim that masturbating also strengthens your immune system. Actually, in a research it was revealed that after orgasm, the amount of white cells in the body increases, which helps us to fight diseases.

The pelvic floor is strong

Masturbation is like a short exercise session, so doing it strengthens the pelvic floor, which gives women relief from pain during periods.

Gives a restful deep sleep

As much as it makes you feel happy, it also makes you tired, which makes you sleep well immediately. Deep sleep helps our body to recover properly and beneficial for overall physical and mental health.

Healthy heart gift

When we get excited during masturbation, then the blood circulation in the body increases. Especially in the heart and sex organs, blood circulation increases, this is very important for a healthy heart. Masturbation is a type of exercise, which helps to keep us healthy.

No risk of STD

Another beneficial aspect of masturbation is that it protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, so it is considered safe. Also, you do not have any kind of fear of getting pregnant.

You learn to love yourself

When you are spending quality time with yourself, you will feel perfect about yourself. You learn to love yourself. This feeling boosts your confidence, making you feel happy always.

Better sex experience with partner

Masturbation increases the feeling of excitement, which improves your sex life. Your attraction towards partner increases even more, so that is why many sexologists recommend masturbating instead of having sex with only partner.

Boosts your confidence

When you feel happiness then you consider positive about yourself, which helps you to keep healthful and fit. Lack of self-confidence can spoil a good relationship, so by being confident you can move forward in every area of life.


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