Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Gain


If you are to see a proof of that old saying, “Old is gold” then you should look closely at how Ayurveda has sprung back. Ayurveda means, ‘science of longevity’ and prescribes solutions for all sorts of ailments and disorders.

The primary reason for popularity of Ayurveda lies in the fact that treatments are mostly based on the usage of natural herbs. These are free from side effects and are considered to be safe on the system. Whereas several ayurvedic herbs are known to be effective in weight loss and for battling obesity, there are others which are known to promote weight gain as well. However, you need to check on which ones are approved by local drug regulatory authority for a safe experience.

Some natural herbs for weight gain which also possess numerous latent health advantages include the following:


Ashwagandha one is a popular herb used in several natural formulations. It is known by the name of “Indian Ginseng”. Ashwagandha is primarily favoured because it addresses multiple ailments. Some of the most common ones include pain, lack of energy, stress, fatigue and strain. It is also used for an overall improvement of health conditions, ensuring longevity. Ashwagandha is also known to tackle emaciation successfully. Hence when taken along with a high calorie nutritious diet, it is considered to help in weight gain.


Sataavari is often administered to lactating mothers and treat infertility in women. It is primarily known to rejuvenate the reproductive cycles of women and enhance milk production by increasing mammary tissue. Sataavari is also known to provide effective respite in stomach ulcers and hyperacidity. It has a huge role to play in addressing digestive ailments. This is probably the primary reason for considering it as one of the suitable herbs for weight gain.

Annonna Squamosa

The Annonna Squamosa, most popularly known as custard apple, is also known to be suitable for weight gain. It is known to have a cooling impact on the body successfully bringing down the heat. It also promotes weight gain by counteracting anorexia and strengthening the body muscles.


Known as an effective remedy for cough and cold, yashtimadhu is also considered to be a very effective nutrition supplement. Tonics with this vital herb as a primary ingredient can be effectively used for weight gain. This is a good remedy for those who have a weak immunity system, and that is impotant as a person weak immunity will never be able to gain weight.


Soonth is considered to be a purgative, a digestive as well as a great remedy for increasing appetite. As the digestive cycle improves and appetite is enhanced, it leads to higher intake of food. The result in sure shot weight gain within a few months.
Rasyan: Rasyan is used in energising tonics and it also has an impact on the metabolism of the body. Hence it plays a major role in weight gain too.

Apart from specific ayurvedic herbs which help in gaining weight, there are certain compounds and concoctions which are also known to produce the desired impact. The best approach would be to visit a qualified ayurvedic doctor who would be able to suggest suitable remedies and medicinal combinations. Before consuming herbs for weight gain at your will, make sure it is safe on your system.



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