Amazing! There are also dangerous diseases such as sex


You premature ejaculation, sexual diseases heard about Difnkshn etc. But you may not know about such diseases relating to sex are not only common, but these diseases. As to sex in sleep, walk or wetting the bed. The Health India is a list of similar diseases. That’s about sex diseases which may surprise you.

Be long off

A lot of people complain of not having an erection but Priyapijm (Priapism or ‘prolonged erection’) problem is exactly the opposite.

The stimulation of the penis male victims of the disease lasted four hours, but it is not a sexual sensation. Such a situation seems to be deposited in the blood in the penis.
Women say Klitorism situation. Ice packs should be applied in this case. In some cases, surgery is advised.

Sleep sex

rsominia Seksominia is a lot like sleepwalking or is similar to wet the bed. In this disease, people have sex in sleep.

In 2007, however, you would feel reading Amazing sleep a person had raped the 15-year-old girl. Akot Kenneth was named senior Ayrkraftsman rape. The disease is easy to treat.

During the treatment of this disease is given a sedative.

During Orgasms headache

Reaching people Orgasms during sex but not for the pleasant sensation. Koitl Sifaljia (coital cephalgia) People with severe headache when they reach the peak is reached.

The headache lasts for hours or sometimes months. The easiest way to avoid the disease is to abstain from sex. Some people are advised to take medication before sex.

In the rush to get off

Froterijm (Frotteurism) The term French term Frotr (Frotter) is made, which means that the rub. Often crowded places are rubbing against each other with each other.

In this case, some people’s senses are stimulated. Sometimes such people to reduce sexual desire are the tablets.

Organs to be used to demonstrate

Aksbisnijhm to perform the sexual organs disorder. Many football or cricket at the end of the match to take his clothes off.

Usually genitals, butt or breast is not performed publicly but some people do. Saikatherepi such people, it is advisable to group counseling or meditation.


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