9 important mistakes made by women in sex life and sex tricks to solve them


Sex tricks to fulfill happiness in your sexual desire

Not feeling well / Not in mood

Due to the hectic lifestyle, nowadays husband and wife do not have time for each other, which affects their sexual life and the result is that most of the women either turn their backs after reaching the bedroom, or they get sleepy or they make excuses for not feeling well? Such behavior of wives hurts husbands.

Sex tricks

Don’t make excuses like ‘not in the mood’ or ‘not feeling well’ as a daily rule. Such things spoil the romantic mood of the husband.
Do not spoil the mood and atmosphere by raising family issues in intimate moments.
If the mood is bad for some reason, then try to fix your mood before going to the bedroom.
Respect their feelings by understanding their sexual desires.
Create a romantic atmosphere.
Use sexy tricks to change their mood, like massaging each other, watching sexy videos, etc.

Communication gap

Due to stress and increasing workload, husband and wife do not even have enough time to enjoy sex in a better way. Even if they do have sex, it is only for formality. In such a short span of time, instead of understanding each other, both demand fulfillment of their hopes and desires and both remain unsatisfied if sexual desires are not fulfilled. The reason for this dissatisfaction is the lack of communication gap, which gives rise to problems in their sex life.

Sex tricks

Even after being busy, both make time for each other.
Whenever both of you are together, instead of complaining to each other, do romantic things.
To improve sex life, both should talk openly among themselves.
Understand that talking increases love and trust between the couple and strengthens the relationship.
Spend at least 2 days a week together to bridge the communication gap.
No matter how busy you are, take the time to talk to your partner.

To be dissatisfied

Most of the women think that how to satisfy their husbands and due to this stress, the interest of the wives starts decreasing towards sex. Whereas women should understand that satisfaction should be not only to the husband but also to the wife.

Sex tricks

Take care of each other’s sexual desires in intimate moments.
Make your sex life enjoyable by sharing your wishes with your husband.

Being figure conscious

Most of the women are very conscious about their figure. They think that they do not look attractive, because they are fat, or they do not look sexy anymore etc. As a result, their sex life starts getting dull.

Sex tricks

Keep a positive attitude. Being thin doesn’t make any difference to sex life.
If you are such figure conscious then do regular exercise or join gym.

Not adaptable to change

Most men want change during sex because they get bored with the same sex life, while women want to avoid sex in the form of ‘everyday work’, ‘waste work’ or ‘you have only one job’. Husbands find such behavior of their wives furious, which cools their enthusiasm.

Sex tricks

If the husband wants some changes in his sex life, then instead of getting angry or refusing, give full cooperation of the husband in this.
Find new ways to change your sex life.

Binding to unnecessary rules

During sex, most of the wives start binding the husband to the rules, such as – ‘turning off the lights’, ‘keeping track of time’, ‘refusing to try new methods’, ‘forbidding sex in different positions’ etc. Such behavior of wives not only disturbs the husbands but also creates distance in the relationship.

Sex tricks

Instead of making such useless rules, respect the sexual desires of the husband.
If you have any problem, then share it with your husband.
Change your narrow-mindedness and enjoy sex.

Not express desires

Most of the women suppress their feelings, desires, excitement during sex. They feel that the husband should not misunderstand this excitement. Seeing such rude behavior of the wife, the husband feels that she is just playing a formality, she has no enthusiasm for sex.

Sex tricks

Do not talk to your partner during sex, which reduces their enthusiasm or spoils their mood.
The style of your words also attracts the partner, take special care of this.
If you feel something bad about them, instead of making fun of them, explain them with love.
To attract husband, do romantic things, tell sexy jokes, so that his enthusiasm remains.
Seeing your enthusiasm, they will also feel that you are completely connected to them.
Try to know husband’s likes and dislikes during sex.

Lack of foreplay

With increasing age, interest in sex in women starts decreasing and they take sex only as a formality. Such behavior of wives hurts husbands, due to which they are not able to enjoy foreplay

Sex tricks

Try new tricks to enjoy foreplay.
Try tricks like doing light pranks, kissing, massaging, so that the enthusiasm remains in both.
The more time couples spend in foreplay, the more satisfaction they will find in sex.

Waiting for initiative

Often women do not take the initiative for sex because of hesitation. As a result, the husband has to take the initiative. While the husband also wants that sometimes the wife also takes the initiative for sex, but if this is not the case then it is natural for the husband to be rude.

Sex tricks

Do not wait for the initiative from the husband, but sometimes take the initiative of sex yourself.
Like the husband, the wife should also take care of her sexual desires.
With the initiative of the wife, new energy will be infused in the husband too.


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