7 Tips for Better Erections


Most men will suffer from some sort of erection problem during their lifetime, and these problems will become more obvious when men enter their 30′s and 40′s. fortunately for most, erectile dysfunction is something that can be rectified quite easily. Listed below are some very useful tips to help men not only maintain harder and longer lasting erections but also leading a healthier life in general.
1. Sleep Well: Getting enough sleep is not only vital for your general health but also very important for your sexual potency. Sleeping for at least seven hours a day will ensure that there is no risk of disrupting the flow of hormones which regulate your sex drive. Getting sufficient sleep also means that the penis is getting sufficient blood flow, which is essential for getting an erection.
2. Kick the addiction: Smoking cigarettes, marijuana and use of other recreational drugs is almost sure to cause erectile dysfunction. These drugs, and yes, nicotine is a potent drug; damages the blood vessels in your body and will adversely affect the capability to get and maintain erections. So use your will power or get professional help to get rid of these addictions.
3. Avoid having sex after a heavy meal : Your body needs extra energy to burn the extra food that you eat, blood that is needed by your penis to get an erection gets diverted towards your stomach. So it’s better if you only eat a light meal or nothing at all before you indulge in sex.
4. The more the better: The simple truth is that indulging in sex more often will increase the testosterone levels in your body and give you stronger erections.
5. Get rid of the paunch: Being overweight not only causes problems for the heart and other parts of your body but also reduces the flow of blood to the penis, leading to erection problems. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly to reduce your weight and see improvement in not only your general health but also in your sexual health.
6. Take supplements : Taking supplements like fish oil, vitamin C and D will help not only your general health but are also known to help getting stronger erections, though the supplements mentioned here are generally considered safe, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before you start taking them.
7. Control your stress levels: High stress levels will cause you erection problems as it will drive down your libido. So it becomes important for you to keep these levels in check for the benefit of your emotional state of mind and your sexual health. Exercising, meditation and other stress control techniques like yoga etc. will help you keep the stress levels in control.
These simple lifestyle changes will go a long way to help you reduce the risk of suffering from erection problems, help lead a healthier life and enjoy your sex life to the fullest. If in-spite of these changes you still experience erectile dysfunction then I suggest you visit your doctor or a qualified sexologist to get a full check up and tests done to get to the root of the problem.


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